The Colorful ElectraPour

red electrapour To be fully honest I was at bit skeptical when I was presented with the opportunity to receive a free sample of the ElectraPour to review.

When first reviewing the website I couldn’t understand how the product worked and more importantly,  if the product would add any value to a tailgate, a BBQ, or an evening of drinking with friends.  But to my surprise and to my benefit (the product was free!) the ElectraPour is a pretty cool little gadget.

If you check out the ElectraPour website you can see the simplicity of the gadget.  The pour attaches right to the top of your favorite bottle of hard liquor.  No tricks, no fuss, it just goes right onto the top of the bottle.  The next step is to get yourself a glass (go big, you deserve it), and then pour.  And like magic the liquor dispenses in an illuminated color.

I used the ElectraPour last night while having a few friends over for a BBQ and then drinks on the back porch.  I waited until evening to break out the gadget.  I simply attached the Electrapour to the top of a bottle of vodka, filled my glass with some ice cubes, and lastly some tonic water.  I then poured the vodka for my favorite drink of vodka and tonic and life was pretty damn good.  Oh yeah, the vodka poured an illuminated green color (of course to support my home town Eagles)!

The idea of the ElectraPour sounds simple and to some maybe even silly.  But trust me the product adds entertainment to your evening.  It makes a good drink all that much better as your mind fills with images of working the bar scene at your favorite neighborhood joint.  The next stop for this fan is the parking lot of the Linc during the first prime time game of the season.  I will no doubt impress the other tailgaters as shots are poured with the Eagles green filling the dark sky.

This tailgater highly recommends the ElectraPour as a cool little (and inexpensive) gadget to add some fun to an evening outside enjoying your favorite drink.  Go check out their website for video demos, additional product information, and ordering details. Also, the ElectraPour comes in three colors, red, green and blue and can be found at

Bottoms Up!