Introducing the BrewTender

This tailgater was lucky enough to receive a free BrewTender to sample and, of course, to write this post about it.  After sampling the product this weekend at a friend’s BBQ and then again earlier this week while relaxing at home watching the Phillies, if I didn’t own one, I would be going out this weekend to buy one.

If you are already sold on the product from the above two sentences, well stop reading and go visit the BrewTender website by clicking here.  If you need more convincing, well then please read on.

The BrewTender experience started off without a hitch.  The box was received within a few days of being notified of the shipment.  The packaging made sure none of the pieces came damaged, but at the same time it didn’t take me unnecessary time to unpack the product (no messy packing peanuts!).

Once the product was unpacked, the BrewTender was easy to assemble because there were only six pieces.  And for those of you that hate to read instructions (like this guy), the Brewtender was easy to assemble.  As a reminder, please don’t forget to wash all the pieces with some soap and water before filling with your drink of choice.

As I mentioned, I brought the BrewTender to a BBQ this past weekend.  My drink of choice was some Land Shark Beer.  Before putting the beer into the  “Outer Beverage Chamber” I, of course, filled/packed the “Removable Inner Cooling Tube” with ice.  After that the only thing left to do was pour the beer,  sit back, relax, and fill and re-fill the glasses right from the tap.  The lazy-Susan rotating base platform made sharing the beer easy.  Oh yeah, the base lights up, which was perfect for the evening BBQ.

The BrewTender kept the beer really cold.  However, I do suggest pouring beer that it is already cold into the outer beverage chamber.  The evening was scorching hot, with temperatures reaching into the low-mid 90’s, but the BrewTender kept the beer cold and kept my lazy ass from making trips to and from the cooler.  In short, the BrewTender made an already great evening even better.

So this tailgater would recommend you purchase the BrewTender.  The only negative of the item is that it is probably geared more for indoor use or outdoor use that is close to a home rather than bringing it to the parking lot for your next tailgate.  For ease, grabbing beers from a cooler would still make more sense to us tailgaters.

Again, I would recommend checking out the BrewTender website for further details on the product, ordering and pricing information, and other cool and interesting drinking products made by TavernToys.