Sometimes Size Doesn’t Matter

This time next month we will be on the verge of another season of College and NFL football.  Obviously this also means we will be on the verge of College and NFL football tailgating.  Oh the joy, oh the happiness!  Not that you or I need anything to get the tailgating juices flowing but, hey, it never hurts to get a little something, something that gets those tailgating juices flowing.

How does one do that?  Easy start playing cornhole at work.   Stay with me here, it’s 10am, but it’s not a football Sunday so I haven’t yet cracked the first beer.   My senses are still with me…I promise you.

I am talking about table top cornhole sets.  Yep, the ultimate tailgating game is portable to your office desk or home coffee table.  As much as I would love to take credit for this find I can’t and as a good husband I won’t.  The credit goes to my beautiful wife who surprised me with a package at work this week.

Inside the box was a football field, table top cornhole set (purchased from the AJJ Cornhole website).  As the website indicates, the set-up comes with 2 football field painted boards (10in x 5in) and 8 bags (1in x 1in).  The moment I opened the box was the moment that all the work related documents on my desk went into the desk drawers (and some into the garbage can).  This baby was worthy of the prime real estate on my desk, right next to the Phillies and Eagles bobble heads!

The table top game is perfect for those boring teleconferences (probably best to keep your office door closed) or for enticing co-workers to a game as you brainstorm new ideas for a project.  You can even make the loser buy lunch or break the news to your boss that the project is over budget or past due.  Oh yea (as you obviously saw from the picture) no set-up is required and there are no bags with parking lot stains and smells from a bad throw!

But as I mentioned earlier, the absolute best part is that the game gets you PSYCHED for the upcoming football tailgating season.

Instead of stressing at work or home you can instead fill your mind with happy thoughts.  Thoughts of your favorite parking spot, ice cold beers, grilled burgers and sausage, and sauce stained jerseys.  I can’t freaking wait…so much so that I am actually looking forward to preseason tailgating and football…5 more days to kick-off!