Tailwaiters – A Catered Tailgate

The idea of paying someone else to set-up your tailgate?  Hmm, my first response was, “isn’t that what freinds are for?!?”

But in all seriousness there is a company out there that will set up your tailgate, feed you, and then clean up and break down your tailgate.  The company is called Tailwaiters.com and they cater to sporting and entertainment events at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.  I actually came across the company in today’s local newspaper.

So is this a good idea?  Not really sure.  To this fan and avid tailgater, one of the best parts of the tailgate is thinking up the menu, shopping for the goods and then making the recipes a reality in the lot.  But for those fans who care more about relaxing, well then this idea seems brilliant!  More time to get that pre-game buzz on!

A review of their website shows a decent enough menu that ranges from a basic tailgate of hot dogs, cheeseburgers, chips, and a choice of salad to a premium package that includes such luxuries as shrimp and Filet Mignon.  The price of the food and set-up ranges from $129 to $229 for a party of six tailgaters.  This breaks down to an average of $22 – $38 per person, or about what you would probably spend in a local bar for pre-game foods.

Sorry ladies and gents, the alcohol is not included.

In addition to the food, Tailwaters.com will bring the rest of the tailgating set-up (tables, chairs, paper and serving products) and begin the activities within about 15 minutes of your arrival in the lot.  And for those of us wanting to tailgate to the last possible moment, the company will even take care of the clean-up.

Do companies like this exist at other stadiums throughout the country?  Has anyone ever gone with a catered tailgate?

Whether you agree with the idea or not I give this group of friends all the credit in the world for ditching the suckiness of the 9-5 job and doing one of life’s greatest joys, tailgating for a living.  And who knows, maybe since I wrote this post  I can swing myself a free Filet Mignon… it is the season of giving!