TV Show Seeks RV Customization Teams

I got an email from a guy named Zig Gauthier earlier today. Apparently he is looking to cast RV customization teams/companies/crews to appear on a new TV show. Take a look at his email and see if you might be interested.

Jambulance Parked

His email to me:

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am currently casting for a national television series on behalf of Pilgrim Films & Television. Pilgrim is the producer of such hit shows as American Chopper, Dirty Jobs, My Fair Wedding and Ghost Hunters, among countless other shows.

We are currently casting throughout the United States for an RV/coach/bus customization shop/crew/company/team. The right company for this show custom-builds extreme motor homes, customizes existing RVs with extravagant styles and accessories, or converts buses into RVs, outfitting them with high-end electronics and top of the line, customized features. If you know of any customization shops/companies/teams/crews that feature an exciting, colorful group of technicians, designers and experts who make RV magic every day and deserve to be on national television, please email us at with their name, photos, company information, company website, contact information, etc., or check out casting info at

The attached press release contains all information. Please feel free to spread the word, as we are encouraging RV customizers to submit for consideration to star in the television series. Thank you for your time.

-Zig Gauthier

So are you interested? Have you been customizing RV’s for tailgating for a while now and need a break on TV? This might be your chance.