Own Your Own Grill Company

You read that right. You can now own your own tailgating grill company for less money than you think.

Freedom Grill FG-50

Back in June, Freedom Grill completed its merger with Exosphere Aircraft Company. Because Exosphere Aircraft Company is already a publicly traded company (EXSA.PK) that means Freedom Grill is now a publicly traded company. That means you can buy stock in Freedom Grill and be a part-owner. Just for the novelty sake of telling people in the parking lot you are a part-owner of a tailgating grill company would be worth the investment alone. As an added bonus, because Exosphere Aircraft Company is an aerospace company, as a shareholder you’ll be invited to the first tailgate party on the moon. (Okay, that last part was a bit of a stretch and a bad attempt at humor.)

Now all this sounds like a hoax but is it absolutely, 100% true. Freedom Grill’s merger with Exosphere allows you to purchase shares of stock of the company. As of today, the stocks were valued at $0.01 per share. So for $10.00, you could own 1,000 shares of Freedom Grill stock. And if the stock gains a penny, BOOM, you just doubled your money.

And consider this, shares of Pabst Brewing Co., the makers of that beer pong favorite Pabst Blue Ribbon, were put on sale last November. The shares were snatched up by just as many people that wanted to say, “I own a brewery” as there were venture capitalists. So think about that before you poo poo this idea of owning shares of Freedom Grill.

I’ll be calling my financial adviser later on today and asking him to throw $100 towards EXSA.PK. Then when people in the parking lot come by and ask me about my Freedom Grill FG-50 and ask if I make them, I can tell them with a straight face that I own the company that makes them.

Still not convinced this is a steal of a deal? Check out the newest grill still in development from Freedom Grill. It’s called the Freedom Grill FGX and once completed it should blow away those that like the Weber table top or the Coleman Roadtrip Grill.