Custom Grill Maker Looking To Pass The Torch

Last week I received an email from a gentlemen by the name of Don. He has been customizing grills for the past 25 years to include a smoke vent that spells out a college team’s name or mascot. Don is getting on in years and is ready to pass the torch to someone else who would possibly be interested in learning his technique or passing it along to an existing grill maker to include as an option for their existing grills. Take a look at Don’s handy work and see for yourself. (Click images for larger more detailed view)

Here is Don’s original email to me:

I have been building this grill for 25 years, one at a time custom grills. I am looking for an existing company to join with to add a tailgate model to their line of products. I can add only the letters to an existing grill also. These grills are very popular at home or at the tailgate parties. They are stainless and aluminum, very durable and will last a lifetime. I can also do corporate logos for a demo. Any ideas? Please contact me if you think of anything.

If you are interested in possibly taking over this custom grill building business or if you are a representative of a grill manufacturer (corporate grill execs read like it is an industry publication) and think your company would be interested in these add-ons, contact Don via email: