Beer Review – Bud Light Lime

Over the last couple weeks, my beer adventures have taken away from the usual path being that of back and fourth from the market or Bevmo. This week I’ve gotten back to my roots and have enjoyed going to establishments that focus on out of the ordinary beers. The best places to find are those that have many taps with the selections available on the wall written in chalk since they get new beers in on a regular bases. Of course these beers are not really tailgate friendly so I’ve been encouraged to review a new but more mainstream beer. The other day a 12-pack of Bud Light Lime was brought to my place and it was offered up for review. Never being one to turn down a free beer, here I go:

Appearance: Hazy yellow in color with a very light head to it. I was expecting a green color but it looked not all that different than a normal Bud Light.

Smell: The normal barely notes found in Bud Light are present with a background of lime.

Taste: In my mind I was expecting a Corona-like taste but didn’t get it. The taste of the Bud Light is barely present and almost completely taken over by lime. While drinking it I pictured someone taking a Bud Light and pouring lime concentrate into it. The taste reminds me more of a lime flavored cooler drink rather than a beer. That being said, it’s crisp and it goes down very light with a mild lime aftertaste. Very little flavor or taste combinations found in traditional beer are present.

Alcohol Level: 4.2%

Cost and Availability: Free for me….but around $6.50 for a 6-pack. Since it is new, the stores usually price it at least a dollar more than regular Bud Light. This “beer” is available just about anywhere in both bottles and cans making it tailgate friendly.

Final Thought: This may shock you, but I love beer. Not this beer, but the taste and creativity given to beer in general. I’m also a big believer that good tasting beer doesn’t need fruit added to it to mask the taste. Bud Light Lime is a beverage that targets those that in reality don’t enjoy the taste of beer, or are simply looking for a complete change from beer. A buddy of mine that was over felt that he liked the flavor as a change, but found one to be enough. On the other hand, one of the female beer tasting members found it to be refreshing and liked it a lot. I THINK WE FOUND SOMETHING!

At this beer gathering, most of the guys stated that they wouldn’t buy it or wouldn’t choose it over a traditional beer. The ladies on average had a different feeling all together. Between the ladies that normally like beer and those who normally stay away from it, their reviews ranged from moderate to favorable. In other words, boys, if you plan on packing the cooler with beer and would like to provide an alternative brew for the gals or non beer drinkers in your group, give this one a shot.