Exclusive Interview With Playboy Playmate Laura Croft

Before you bombard my inbox with hate mail telling me an exclusive interview with the July 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Month is just a shameless tactic to gain more visitors, please hear me out. Laura Croft is not just an excruciatingly hot young woman. That alone would make us want to interview her. The real reason I sought her out is that she is also an avid tailgater. That’s right, even Playboy Playmates like to crack open a cold one and do a little tailgating before the game starts.

When I read in Laura’s hometown newspaper that she thought tailgating before a monster truck rally would be a romantic evening, I just had to ask this girl some questions. Special thanks to the Playboy PR staffers, Jessica Sigelbaum and Christina Manzo, for helping me get in touch with Laura for this interview.

Tailgating Ideas: I read in your hometown newspaper, The First Coast News, that you said your idea of a romantic night out “would involve tailgating with friends before going to a monster truck rally”. Normally the words “tailgating” and “romance” often don’t collide in the same sentence. Can you expand on that?

Laura Croft: I’m not into what people call romantic things. I think that it’s kind of corny and it embarrasses me!

Tailgating Ideas: Since you are from the Jacksonville, Fla. area, have you ever tailgated at a Jaguars game or the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party between Florida and Georgia? If so, which one is better in your opinion?

Laura Croft: Definitely the cocktail party! Florida vs. Georgia weekend is super fun! But the Jags are ok too.

Tailgating Ideas: What are some of the things you like to have with you, food, gear, games, etc. while out tailgating?

Laura Croft: BOOZE, food, fun friends, and an air horn.

Tailgating Ideas: How did you get into tailgating and who was introduced to the tailgate party lifestyle?

Laura Croft: My friend Shelby.

Tailgating Ideas: Describe your first tailgate party and how old were you.

Laura Croft: I think I was 20 and tailgated in the infield of the Daytona 500.

Tailgating Ideas: What is it about tailgating that you enjoy so much?

Laura Croft: Drinking, people watching, and tootin’ my air horn.

Tailgating Ideas: While you are hanging at the Playboy Mansion, do any plans to take Hef or the Girls Next Door tailgating while you are out in So Cal?

Laura Croft: (laughs) I wish! Hef likes to party! He’s a good dancer.

Tailgating Ideas: If your car only seats four people, who are the three other people you would bring to a tailgate party?

Laura Croft: My best friend Shelby, my dog Farnell and someone with a mullet… or my boyfriend. WORD!!


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