Tailgating Gear in Review: October 2009 Edition

It’s getting close to the close of another month and that means another round-up of tailgating gear we have discovered this month. In case you have been busy and haven’t seen every new post on here this month (although if you were using RSS or signed up to get free email updates you wouldn’t miss a thing.) we provide this quick, down and dirty overview of all the gear we wrote about this month. So let’s get to it for the month of October 2009.

grey-1 Hard plastic coolers and ice chests rule the tailgating parking lots. But unless they have wheels and are easily transported, they are pretty much good for keeping things cold while they sit unmoved next to your car. If you like to tailgate hop and visit multiple tailgate parties while still not being too far from a cold one, the TrackPack is something you need.

It’s a innovative hybrid cooler, can be carried on your shoulders and enables easy transportation and dispensing of cold beverages for enhanced freedom and mobility. At first glance, the Trackpack looks like a large book bag but is specifically designed to carry and keep cold 20 beverage cans. Inside the TrackPack is a plastic frame that holds the cans in place and channels them down to two bottom openings for easy dispensing. No more having to open and close the top of the cooler. Simply undo the velcro flap at the bottom and a cold beer is there waiting for you. Remove the can and gravity moves the next can to take its place. The TrackPack is built with durable 420D nylon and heavy duty canvas. It comes equipped with an insulated waterproof lining designed to keep drinks cold but the tailgater’s back dry. Three reusable gel-packs maintain ice cold temperatures up to six hours.

Gators_LeashesWhen it comes to fan gear for the tailgating ladies, to say the market is underserved is an understatement. Sure the colleges and pro teams try to offer women’s shirts cut specifically for a woman’s figure or they offer jerseys in pink. Kind of boring and played out don’t ya think? What if you are a female tailgater and want to support your team but still do not want to blend in with the rest of the tailgating landscape? Luckily there is Halftime Designs with apparel that is uniquely feminine yet allows the wearer to still support her team.

Halftime Designs is the brainchild of Megan Wood who is an avid football fan and attends every home football game. Week after week, Megan would spend too much time in the mall trying to find the perfect game day outfit. She was never the girl who wore her boyfriend’s jerseys to a game. She was stuck in a rut because it takes a lot of creativity to find something feminine and cute in your favorite teams colors without plastering yourself with team logos. Her vision was to create a line of clothing that brings fashion to football.

Make sure to check out Halftime Designs at halftimedesigns.com for more information and to view other options.

Beer Pong Mat unrolledSo you like to play beer pong but do not have the money to plunk down over $100 to buy a folding, portable beer pong table. Let’s say you already have a tailgating table you really like but want to protect it from all the spills and excess moisture a game of beer pong can produce. Then you are in the market for a beer pong mat from Mental Amusement.

With these vinyl mats, you can now achieve desired results without lugging an entire beer pong table with you to go tailgating. The mat has places to line up your cups so there are no sloppy racks because your opponent can’t figure out a simple triangle. Also, the mat prevents spills and splashes from ruining the table you are playing on. Simply wipe up any spills and roll it up and your table never was harmed or damaged. Call Mental Amusement at (714) 841-7868 to place your order and have one shipped to your location.