Sports Licencing & Tailgate Show Day 1 Report

Day 2 of the Sports Licencing & Tailgate Show is underway after a great start to the show yesterday. As you can see from the photo to the left, it is me and Laura Croft finaly getting to meet in person on the show floor.

You remember Laura Croft. She is the Miss July 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Month. She also loves to go tailgating and we interviewed her in July and asked her about tailgating. Laura is out here in Las Vegas for the show promoting Trunk Sports. Trunk Sports is a new tailgating game where you place the target and scoring area in the trunk of your car instead of on the ground.

While touring the booths I was able to discover some really cool tailgating gear that many of you will be interested in for next football season or even the upcoming baseball season. We shot some pictures and did some video interviews that will appear on YouTube after we return from the show. Keep an eye out for those and look for updates coming right here on

Time to head down to the show floor for Day No. 2 and see what more cool stuff we can find.