Forget Evite – Tailgaters Can Now Use Manvite

I hate to stereotype but for the most part, males are the majority of tailgaters you see out in the lots. Sure there are some hardcore tailgating ladies out there like the ladies of Girls Gone Tailgating but you know I am right when I say men make up a large demographic of tailgaters. So when planning your next tailgate, skip the tried and true form of online invitations and invite your guests to tailgate with a little bass in your voice. Now comes Manvite, the manly way to plan a party.



Let’s face it, Evite was the way to invite people to your tailgate party because, well, it was really the only online invitation service out there. Last month we introduced you to Pingg, which is taking on Evite as a competitor but still does not have a tailgate specific invitation theme. Seriously, Evite’s top five invitation themes in the past 30 days have been Girls’ Night, St. Patrick’s Day, Kids’ Birthday, Game Night and Baby Shower. Doesn’t seem to manly to me.

With Manvite you can choose from invitation themes like Drink Beer, Watch Sports, Bachelor Party, Paintball, Vegas Trip and Cougar Hunting among other manly endeavors. They even have a Manvite specifically geared for Lap Dances! Very manly indeed.

Although they do not have a specific tailgating themed Manvite just yet, I have sent them an email alerting them to their egregious oversight. I am sure they have cracked the whip and have someone working to fix that as I type this.

An added feature that Manvite has over other online invitation sites is the built-in calendar geared directly at manly events and celebrations. For example, this month’s Manvite calendar reminds you of the upcoming Alabama, Louisiana and New Mexico BBQ Championships coming up on the 28th. We are also reminded we missed Chuck Norris’s birthday back on the 10th. Too bad we didn’t discover Manvite last month or we would have known to celebrate Joe Pesci’s birthday too. Oh yeah, each calendar was some requisite female eye candy as well just in case your testosterone levels were dipping.

So next time you feel the urge to send an online invitation to your next tailgate party, do it the manly way with a Manvite.