Tailgate Shootout

You remember playing paper football back when you were a kid, right? Wish there was a game on the market that took the rules and game play of paper football but made it more realistic and designed for tailgating? Introducing Tailgate Shootout.

Tailgate Shootout Parking Lot Wide

As you can see from the above photo, tailgate shootout consist of a football field layout, foam football, goal posts and a carrying bag. The object is to kick the football to slide it along the football field layout to score a touchdown. Much like in paper football, you can kick an extra point. However, unlike paper football, instead of flicking the “ball” through your buddy’s thumbs and index fingers, you actually kick it between miniaturized goal posts. The playing field is heavy duty and the imprint is printed on the bottom of the vinyl in order to protect the finish from friction of the ball and the players’ feet. The playing surface is also in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission for ages 6 years and older. It also passed all harmful chemicals testing and hazards test. Check out the video demo the makers of Tailgate Shootout put together.


I was sent a sample of Tailgate Shootout and really enjoyed playing it. It brought back fond memories of playing paper football as a kid but was bigger, better and more realistic. Field goal attempts are easy enough for kids but hard enough for adults who may have had a few adult beverages. As you saw in the video, there is always an opportunity to kick a field goal and players don’t always have to go for the touchdown. How’s that for putting strategy and clock management into the old paper football game?

Tailgate Shootout is truly a new concept in tailgating games that takes an old favorite and makes it more realistic and improves upon it. Tailgate Shootout is available online now and is just in time for football season. The complete game set that includes the playing field, football, goal posts and carrying bag is $99 plus shipping. The makers of Tailgate Shootout are so confident you will like their game they even offer a 100% customer satisfaction 30 day guarantee.

To learn more about Tailgate Shootout or to buy a game set of your own, visit: TailgateShootout.com