Tailgate Shootout Available In Time For Football Season

It was around this time last year when we introduced you to a new tailgating game to hit the market called Tailgate Shootout. The basics of the game are a lot like paper football you may have played as a kid. The major difference is that it is played on a much bigger and more real life type of surface.

Tailgate Shootout Parking Lot Wide

With the NFL lockout and labor unrest seemingly close to a resolution and college football about six weeks away, we have chosen to add Tailgate Shootout to our online tailgating gear store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

Because we want you to get your own Tailgate Shootout game and stand out from the sea of cornhole, ladder golf and beer pong tables in the parking lot, we are offering fans of our Facebook page a $5 coupon. You’ll need to venture over to Facebook and become a fan first. Once you are on there you will see the post for Tailgate Shootout. In there you will see the coupon you can use in order to get your $5 discount. Make sure to enter the coupon code exactly as you see it (minus the quotation marks) and you are good to go.

To check out Tailgate Shootout and to get a game of your own in time for football season, take a peek at it HERE. Tailgate Shootout is priced at $99 plus $15 shipping.