Weekend Wrap #33: Who’s No. 1 Edition

news_wrap.jpgSo the No. 1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners were beaten by Texas in the Red River Rivalry all but ensuring we will see a fourth team ranked No. 1 this season in NCAA football. (By the way, who made the decision to rename the game from Red River Shootout to Red River Rivalry?) I am sure the folks down in Alabama will claim they should be No. 1 because they were No. 2 heading into the weekend but did not play today. Texas made a nice case for itself to move to No. 1. No. 3 Missouri got bounced by Oklahoma State and Florida pounded No. 4 LSU. I would predict that Alabama will move to the No. 1 spot but it would not surprise me if Texas or even Penn State moved into the No. 1 spot. All I do know is I have compiled some links for you regarding tailgating and the tailgating lifestyle. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.