GoPong Washer Toss

GoPong Washer Toss Complete Set

A week ago we told you that GoPong was branching out from making just beer pong tables with the introduction of the GoPong Ladder Toss game. No longer focused on just beer pong, GoPong is now bringing their brand of high quality games to the tossing games and lawn games space at affordable prices. They have brought out the Ladder Toss game and have also introduced a single hole Washer Toss game to the market. We have a sample of the GoPong Washer Toss and put it to the test to see if it comes out “tailgate approved”.

Many of the washer toss games you see in the parking lot are the DIY types that someone put together by going to Home Depot and buying all the parts and pieces and constructing it in their garage. Two problems with this approach. 1) The time invested in doing the research on how to do it, what types of materials you will need, not to mention the actual time it takes to put a game together on your own. Who has all that time to do all that? 2) The uniformity issue of not having all the pieces and parts being exactly the size and dimensions you prefer. More than likely cutting PVC pipe yourself with a hacksaw can lead to uneven cuts and uneven playing surfaces. Unless you are a better carpenter than Jesus, a homemade washers game will not be as professional as, … well, one that is professionally made. The upside is you may save a few dollars on doing it yourself but when you factor in your time, you may end up paying more for your DIY washers game than had you purchased a professional one.

Now that we shown you the benefits of buying a washers game rather than attempting to make one of your own, why get a GoPong Washer Toss game over some of the other sets on the market? We thought we would put the GoPong set to the test and compare it to others we have played on in the past.

The first thing we noticed about the GoPong Washer Toss game was craftsmanship. The wooden boxes were well constructed and contained carrying handles and the latches that hold it together were of high quality. When you opened it up, the next thing we noticed was the uniformity of the lines and the way it was put together. Most people tout how “homemade” is always better. That is not the case when you want things to match perfectly. Machines do a much better job of doing the same job over and over without deviating from the pattern much better than human hands. Based on that criteria, the GoPong Washer Toss game was top notch.

On other criteria of craftsmanship, the GoPong Washer Toss was on the same level if not better quality compared to other washer games we have played on. The portability and the ease of being able to pack it away in a tightly packed tailgating vehicle was also a plus. High quality powder coated washers that come with it are also a selling point.

After putting it through the paces and comparing it to other washer toss games on the market, we can confidently label the GoPong Washer Toss “Tailgate Approved”. As we do with all of the products produced by GoPong, we highly recommend this product to any tailgaters looking to save some time while having a high quality washer toss game at their next tailgate party. That is why we have chosen to add the GoPong Washer Toss game to our online tailgating gear store.

The GoPong Washer Toss is $59.99 plus $15 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. To get one of your own, click HERE.