Tailgate Party Music Ideas For The 2009 Football Season

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This is a guest post by Alex “RaiderHater” Chavez, a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan and the driving force behind the tailgating group Club 49. You may recall back in November of 2007, Alex submitted a number of play lists that any tailgater could plug into their MP3 player and keep the party going all the way until game time. Today he is back with even more music suggestions and tailgating tips that will provide you the tools and ideas to break out the music and “set it and forget it”. Take it away Alex….


There are many ways to get the party going at the tailgate but nothing kills the tailgating vibe like bad music. Don’t you hate it when a song ends and then there’s that pause when everyone stops to look around and wonders when the next song is going to play? Now if someone has a good taste in music, they will have a good mix of songs playing back-to-back. Why even go to that trouble at the tailgate? It’s all about having a good time and keeping them “nalgas” (look it up) shaking.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are blessed to have some really good DJ’s on the local radio stations. What a lot of DJ’s are starting to do across the country is posting their DJ mixes online for people to download for free. That was good news for me. No longer did I have to really worry about what CD to put in or make a perfect play list to get people dancing. I started going to the local radio websites and was able to download a bunch of mixes for free. And they were a hit at the next tailgate party. People thought we had a real DJ there playing music for us. That’s because the songs just keep on coming without that uncomfortable break.

After following a few of my local DJ’s, I started to branch out and heard about other DJ’s across the country and their DJ websites. I even found some DJ’s who would post their mixes on iTunes as a podcast.

Below are list of DJ’s and websites you should keep your eye on for the latest mixes to download. A lot of them even do special mixes, like 90’s mixes, 80’s mixes, 2pac mix, etc.. I can go on for days. Here’s a quick tip: Play any songs by Pitbull or Lady Gaga and that will get people dancing and shaking those nalgas…Another thing is that a lot of these DJ’s have Twitter accounts and post links to their mixes on there a lot sooner than on other sites. Sometimes you can discover some exclusive stuff too. Much props to them all for being bad ass at what they do.

My Favorite DJ right now is DJ Scene. He DJ’s all over the country and world. He just came back from Hong Kong but you can catch him in the Bay Area and Las Vegas all the time. You can download DJ Scene’s Podcast Mixes on his official weekly podcast website, ScenePodcast.com

Some of my favorite mixes by him from the podcast are March 14th Part 1, April 4th 2009 Part 1, May 30th Part 1 and June 13th Part 1. For those who like 80’s music, DJ Scene made quite simply one of the best mixes out there for 2009 called 2080’s Part 2.

These are just a few suggestions and if you listen to him I am sure you find something you will like. Check him out and if you get a chance, see him at a club near you. He’s amazing. One more thing, a lot of his mixes are “clean” versions which is good at a tailgating scene. I’ve had my experiences in the past where people weren’t too fond of “explicit” lyrics. To get a glimpse of DJ Scene, check out this video of his most recent trip to Hong Kong.


The next DJ to check out is DJ Scotty Fox. Everyone in the Bay Area knows about this guy. He has some great mixes and if you do some digging, towards the bottom of his site is a link to older posts. He just recently posted his four hour live DJ set online. Imagine not having to change the music for 4 hours.. Just nonstop music.. Can’t beat that. DJ Scotty Fox’s most recent mixes can be found HERE which includes all of his older mixes and some good stuff on there as well. Some of my favorite mixes are Michael Jackson Tribute, 2pac’s 2009 Birthday Mix, I Love the 80’s 4-10-09 Mix and 5-29-09 Old School Mix. Another Great DJ from San Francisco is DJ E-rock. You can subscribe to his mixes on iTunes or grab some of his mixes HERE.

A website I stumbled upon while looking for DJ mixes is called Beezo.net. Beezo is a site where DJ’s from all over the world upload their mixes for people to download for free. Now there are all kinds of Genres of DJ mixes here. You’ll find some 80’™s mixes, hip hop, R&B, electro, house, rave. It’s all there. Some good DJ’s to check out on this site whose mixes I’ve used in the past are.

DJ Abel Rock – In Da Club Mix
DJ C.A. – R&B Club Mix Part 1
Rock It Scientists – The Blast Off Part 2

You read earlier about these DJ’s being active on Twitter… Here are some other DJ’s I like to keep an eye on while on Twitter:


Another thing to keep an eye on is the local radio Top 20 songs on rotation. I check that from time to time to see what new songs are playing. I also check out the radio stations in other cities to try to find songs that haven’t made it big on the West Coast yet.

Check these sites out to stay up on what the radio stations are currently playing right now.

San Francisco

Los Angeles



New York

And lastly, Crooklyn Clan is a site for DJ’s that has all kinds of remixed songs.

Hopefully this has provided you some insight on how provide better music for your next tailgate party. A special thanks to Alex Chavez for sharing his insight and knowledge on keeping the party going with great music for your tailgating guests. If you are on Twitter, please feel free to follow Alex at @club49 and visit his website club49.org.

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