Be Loud & “Green” With The Ecoblaster Rechargable Air Horn

Picture this: You are out tailgating. You are having a good time. You want to show your support for your team with a loud blast of your air horn. You squeeze the lever and all you get is a whimpering fart noise. You hang your head in shame and retreat to your pathetic tailgate area to hide in embarrassment. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Get yourself a Ecoblaster Rechargeable Air Horn and never buy another refill with this handy, economical, rechargeable air horn. Simply refill with air from included pump or any bicycle pump, service station air pump, or compressor using the standard air valve. You get over 70 blasts per recharge so you can be as loud and obnoxious as you like. Adjust volume up to a powerful 115 dB. Because it uses no batteries or gases it is safe for the environment. Priced under $30 it is easy on your wallet too. Tailgating with the Vol Navy? This 8.25″ tall air horn meets Coast Guard regulations too.

Get your own Ecoblaster Rechargeable Air Horn from Things You Never Knew Existed.

H/T: / Gadget Lab / DVICE