Tabii on can Recently we got an email from a brand new start-up company that is just now bringing a new product to the market. It’s called Tabii and it is a small plastic gadget that slips on the pop tab of an aluminum can that has three functions that would appeal to tailgaters. I suggested the company send me a few samples so I could see it up close and test it out for myself.

As you can see from the accompanying photo, Tabii slips over the tab of your aluminum can. Lots of times the tab on cans are hard to pry up to get your fingers under it to open the can. Tabii works as a little wedge that gets under the tab and allows for a better grip. Women will like this aspect in that they no longer have to worry about breaking their nails while trying to get their fingers under the pop tab. Simply pull up on the Tabii and the can opens as normal.

Once your can is open, leave Tabii on the tab and turn it 180 degrees. The back of the Tabii is about as wide as the opening of most soda and beer cans. Tabii won’t act like a watertight lid but it will discourage flies and other insects from flying into your can’s opening.

Next benefit is that by using multiple colored Tabiis at your tailgate, they help identify which can is yours. All you have to do is remember what color and/or design is your Tabii and you can spot your drink even on a crowded tailgating table. Not you won’t accidentally pick up someone else’s can and mistakenly drink someone else’s backwash or worst yet, someone’s can they used as an ash tray or a dip cup. Lots of times if you can’t identify your drink you’ll opt to just go get a new one from the cooler. Think of all the money you’ll save not having to throw out half full beers when it is time to pack up and head into the game.


As of this moment, Tabii can be customized to include your tailgating crew’s name, website, logo or even your company’s brand name. They are currently working on getting team licensing for those die hard sports fans out there.

To see a flash demonstration of all the different uses of Tabii, visit their website: