Sweepstakes Tailgating Trailer For Sale

Right off the bat, so that nobody gets the wrong idea about the headline, we here at TailgatingIdeas.com are not selling this tailgating trailer. We are getting nothing out of this, no commission and no kickback if indeed the sale of this tailgating trailer is in any way facilitated by us posting this. That being said and out of the way…

We were contacted a week or so ago via our Tailgating Ideas Facebook Page asking us if we could help sell a tailgating trailer. The person that contacted us told us they had won a killer tailgating trailer in a sweepstakes and was wondering if we could help them sell it. Seeing how the person who won it does not plan to use it, why not help them sell it to someone who really does want it and would use it to go tailgating. After all, it would be a shame for a tailgating trailer like this to be mothballed and never get out of storage.

We asked for some photos of the trailer and said we would toss them up on our site and see if there was some interest out there. Check out the gallery below and after the photos is a list of the specs and the amenities that this trailer comes with.

The trailer when it was awarded to the winners had a wrap for a particular beer brand but that has since been removed for legal purposes. The trailer right now is all silver and is ready to accept your own wrap if you so choose. Some of the specs of it include:

Furnished trailer

  • (2) Tandem spring axles
  • White insulated ceiling
  • Insulated paneled walls – silver
  • Aluminum flooring
  • RV flush mount door lock
  • Aluminum wheel upgrade
  • 4’ fluorescent light
  • 30 Amp electrical service with lifeline
  • 12 volt fan/light/vent
  • 24” side door
  • Generator box (storage only)
  • 7 receptacles
  • Pull out step
  • 1 deep cycle battery and box
  • First aid kit

4’ x 10’ entertainment window with aluminum shelf on passenger side of trailer

  • Stereo system complete with 1 pair of outdoor speakers
  • Direct TV Receiver
  • Crank Up TV Antenna
  • 4.3 cubic feet small refrigerator – stainless look
  • CO2 Draft Beer System with tub
  • 1000 Watt Microwave – stainless look
  • Beverage, paper towel, aluminum racks

Enclosed full flush bathroom

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Wall mirror
  • Water and waste tanks with drains
  • Water pump


  • 16’ wide Girard power awning installed on passenger side of trailer with one color fabric
  • 400 series Ducane grill
  • Winegard Carryout portable dish
  • Honda EU 2000 portable generator
  • 20’ telescopic flag pole kit and mount (flag not included)


  • 223 inches long
  • 102 inches wide
  • 104 inches high

This tailgating trailer is currently located in Plainfield, Illinois. The owner is asking $20,000 but is open to considering reasonable offers. If interested, contact Michelle at: xraymushie [at] comcast dot net. (You are smart enough to figure out we broke up her email so she does not get spammed to death)

Best of luck to Michelle looking to sell this tailgating trailer and here is hoping one of you can get a great tailgating trailer that will be the hit of the parking lots.