We-Haul Aggie Wagon Looking For Partners

When I got this email today, as I was reading it I thought it may be a candidate for our ongoing series featuring righteous tailgating rigs. As I read further I discovered that although this rig is not quite to “righteous rig” level yet, they are getting close but need a little help. Read the email after the photo.

Texas A&M Tailgaters and their Aggie Wagon trailer


Over the last year or so, me and four buddies got together to build a top notch tailgating trailer to go Texas Aggie Football games. Before I go into the actual trailer in too much detail let me give you a bit of background info.

The idea to build what we call the “Aggie Wagon” was started while myself and one of the other guys were on a rig off the coast of Africa. While running drill pipe down hole, we started talking about how we wanted to built a BBQ pit & start attending more Aggie Football games (the good, the bad & the ugly ones). However, as most things do, the project quickly blew up into a full blown Tailgating trailer. The almost finished product is now 36 ft long and weight over 17,000 lbs.

This monster tailgating trailer actually started as a 2000 year model full sized U-Haul truck. When we found the U-Haul the entire front cab had been wrecked, but the box was in excellent condition besides a few dents & scratches (except it did not have a rear door). With a little creativity, we cut the cab off the truck, built a gooseneck for it, and BOOM… Aggie Wagon!

So you are probably asking yourself why is this guy telling me this? The reason is coming…just stick with me a bit longer. Once the trailer was road ready, we began framing a bar, lounge area & cooking area. Once the frame work was in we continued to develop the Aggie Wagon to its current state. It has surround sound, two flat screens (we take from home each game), four beer taps, and a 6 gallon margarita machine for starters. We have truly begun to build the ultimate tailgating machine.

So why this email… Two reasons:

1) We have learned a lot from this process and think we may have a market for such trailers to sell. I was hoping to get your input.

2) We have no more money to finish the Aggie Wagon with a wrap job, so we are looking for sponsorship. We would like to become the Nascar of Tailgating. Therefore we were wondering if you or anyone you make know would be interested in sponsoring some or all of the wrap in return for a great advertising opportunity.

Below you will find a link to the Blog we started when we began building the Aggie Wagon. Please take a look at the link and let us know what you think. If you would like additional pictures just give me shout! Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from ya.


Much Appreciated,
Blake Sullens

I took a visit over to their blog and they have a number of photos and descriptions of how this former U-Haul Truck is being transformed into the ultimate tailgating trailer. Obviously if they get it wrapped it will definitely stand out in the crowd of other Aggie tailgaters. Might be a great way to get a few extra eyeballs for your brand name or products.

If interested, contact Blake at: bsullens [at] hotmail dot com