Stocking Stuffer gift guide 2015


You might have your holiday shopping done, at least with the big stuff, but what about those pesky stocking stuffers that always seem to befuddle even those most experienced of holiday shoppers? Have no fear, our annual Stocking Stuffer Guide for tailgaters is here to save you. We have some of the most fun items that fit nicely into a stocking that any tailgater or sports fan on your list will love all the way into next year. (Our previous guides are still excellent for ideas as well. Click each year for those stocking stuffer suggestions: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.)

Girl playing strip beer pong
Photo courtesy of theCHIVE

Naked Pong

It might be a bit chilly to use Naked Pong sticker packs while out tailgating but you can give them as a great stocking stuffer. These sticker packs are placed on the bottom of regular party cups usually used for Beer Pong. Once a cup is hit, drink the contents, turn the cup over to reveal the consequence. Consequences range from remove a piece of clothing, the shooter needs to remove a piece of clothing, the player adds a piece of clothing or the player is safe and does not have to do anything. $7.00 per sticker pack and available from
Cooler2See flashlight in cooler

Cooler2See Magentic Koozies with LED flashlight

The ability to combine numerous features into one tailgating product never ceases to amaze us here at Tailgating Ideas. A koozie is standard tailgating equipment but one that is magnetic and has a powerful flashlight on the bottom takes it to the next level. The Cooler2See koozie has strong magnets built in so you can keep your beverage cold and safe while tailgating stuck to your pop-up tent leg or on the side of your car. The LED flashlight comes in handy for those tailgates after dark when you want to see into your cooler and need to identify the beers from the sodas which have invariably been mixed together in the ice. Batteries are included. $14.95 per koozie.

Rapoo featured

Rapoo A500 Bluetooth Portable NFC Speaker

What is a good tailgate without good music? Also, who wants to lug an old school boom box or a hefty speaker to the tailgate lot to get rich sound? The Rapoo A500 Bluetooth Portable NFC Speaker is rather small but it puts out big sound. It has Bluetooth 4.0 which produces high-quality stereo audio by connecting to Bluetooth-enabled devices, like your smartphone or tablet. You can make and receive voice calls through the speaker and use it as a small telephone conference device. The speaker is small enough to fit in a stocking but puts out a big sound for those that tailgate. The Rapoo A500 NFC Bluetooth Portable Speaker costs $65.99 at Amazon.
Dallas Cowboys Aardvark paper drinking straws

Aardvark NCAA & NFL Team Straws

Aardvark Straws has come out with a line of paper drinking straws that are not only eco-friendly but sports the colors and logos of most of your favorite teams. These durable, chlorine-free paper straws won’t decompose or bleed into your drink and are better for the environment than regular plastic straws. Regular plastic straws do not sport your team’s logo either. NFL and NCAA licensed so your tailgater can support their team even with the straw they drink from. Aardvark Drinking Straws are available from
Camo Caps before and After

Camo Caps

As security gets tighter and tighter, we tailgaters need to come up with more innovative ways to smuggle our booze past security. It’s pure economics at this point. Most stadiums and arenas allow you to bring in water bottles so long as the cap is sealed and unbroken. That’s where Camo Caps come in. These plastic bottle caps reseal your water bottles after you have refilled them with a clear liquor like gin, vodka, white tequila, white rum, etc. Just know the size water bottles allowed in the event you will be attending and plan accordingly. Camo Caps are $5.00 and contain six (6) caps per package.

Autographed Mini-Helmets

The perfect stocking stuffer would be an autographed mini-helmet complete with a certificate of authenticity. A wide range of players and teams are available from Steiner Sports that vary in price based on the popularity of the player and rarity of the item. They even have NCAA mini-helmets signed by former college stars who have since moved on to the NFL. Pro Football Hall of Famers like Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas among others all have signed mini-helmets available. All you have to do is pick the recipient’s favorite team and player and his/her stocking will be the best of the bunch.
Fan Hands Black

Fan Hands

Tailgaters and sports fans like to make a lot of noise whether in the parking lot or in the stands at the game. Just clapping your hands sometimes is not loud enough. That’s when Fan Hands comes into play. Fan Hands are colored gloves that have plastic pieces on the palms and fingers to enhance your clap and make it louder. You don’t have to clap any harder to make them work. Just clap your hands together normally and the plastic pieces striking each other emit a louder sound than just skin on skin. Fan Hands are less than $10.00 for the pair and come in a variety of colors.
Ice Pack Flask Featured

Ice Pack Flask

More booze smuggling gear for that tailgater who is impossible to shop for on your list. This sneaky flask holds 14 oz. of liquid and looks exactly like one of those reusable ice packs. The difference is it is made out of food-grade plastic and can be filled with yummy, money saving liquor. Perfect for tailgating because if you are in a parking lot where alcohol is frowned upon, even if a security or law enforcement official peeked in your cooler, the flask looks like a reusable ice pack you would have in your freezer. Currently on sale for $15.00 at Spring Break 24-7.
LED Light up Football

Light-Up LED Football

Tossing the football around while tailgating is possibly one of the more popular tailgating “games” you can play. But if you are killing time waiting for the parking lot to empty and it is dark out already, tossing the football can result in a few dented carts and possibly a bloody nose. GoSports has come out with a LED Light-up Football that has an internal LED the illuminates upon impact. Just tap the ball against your hand to turn it on and it stays lit for 30 seconds before automatically shutting off. Each catch and impact with your hands, resets the timer so the ball will stay illuminated. As long as you don’t wait more than 30 seconds to throw again, the ball will stay turned on for your entire tossing session. On sale for $36.00, the GoSports Light-Up LED Football is available from
Snake Bite bottle opener Featured

Original Snakebite

A highly versatile bottle opener, the Original Snakebite brings that extra element to tailgating. Sure it opens bottles but the forked design allows it to ventilate your beer cans as well. By puncturing two holes in the top of the can behind the mouth opening, it allows the air to flow in easily and thus the liquid pours out smoothly and quickly. Great for those who enjoy craft beer in a can while tailgating and want to get a nice head on their beer without it foaming over. Also great for those tailgaters who want to chug their beers. Instead of puncturing a hole in the side of the can, your tailgaters can drink it directly from the top but the speed will be as if you were shotgunning the “traditional” way. Comes in a variety of colors for $22.00.

Shampoo & Conditioner Stealth Flasks

Okay, we promise this will be the last booze smuggling item on this stocking stuffer guide. Then again, these are just too good to not share. For those planning a New Year’s cruise or for those that want to keep liquor in their “dry” dorm room, these flasks are made from FDA Food Safe Plastic. You get two bottles, one disguised as a shampoo, the other as conditioner, that hold 16 oz. each. They come as a two-pack which means you can hide a total of 32 oz. of liquor from prying eyes. The best part is these sneaky flasks come with factory security seals. Even if the security on the cruise ship demands you open up the tops of these flasks, the factory seal on top will let you slip right through. The Shampoo & Conditioner Stealth Flasks are $15.00.
Zaca Chewables

Zaca Chewable Hangover Remedy

With all the booze smuggling and beer chugging going on here, we needed to end this list with a way to fight those holiday hangovers. Zaca originally came out with topical patches you apply to your skin like those nicotine patches and they help prevent hangovers. They recently released chewable tablets that work just as well. Instead of trying to predict if you will be getting a hangover before you start drinking with the patches, you take the Zaca Chewables after you are done drinking for the night. The packet slips into a stocking for gift giving and in your pocket for party times. Take them out, tear them open and take them before going to bed and wake up the next day hangover free.