Holiday Gift Guide for Tailgaters – 2015 Edition

Gift Guide for Tailgaters 2015

We do it every year. This is our sixth consecutive year providing tailgaters, sports fans and those who just like to party, a valuable gift guide full of ideas to put on your holiday list. If you can’t find anything on here that you or the tailgater on your holiday shopping list would like, be sure to check out our previous Holiday Gift Guides. Just because it’s not new doesn’t mean it’s not new to you. Check out our previous Holiday Gift Guides for Tailgaters:

In the next few days, we will also publish our Stocking Stuffer Guide for Tailgaters so stay locked in for that. But for now, here is a compilation of gift ideas for the tailgater on your list that seems to have just about everything.

The Coolest Cooler comes in three colorsThe Coolest

You saw it on Kickstarter and on social media. Now it is a reality and is in production and ready to ship in three different colors. It’s the ice chest that has a built-in blender, wireless Bluetooth speaker, USB charging port, LED light, bottle opener, rolling wheels, telescoping handle, plates, knife, cutting board, etc. This cooler does more than just keep your drinks cold and is one of the best tailgating accessories we have ever tested. Priced at $399, you can get it on Amazon.

LED Light-up Cornhole boards

The days are getting shorter and shorter and that means less and less daylight. But you don’t want to stop cornholing just because the sun went down. That’s why your tailgater on your list needs GoSports Premium Light-Up LED Cornhole Boards. The sturdy boards can withstand normal game play but once it gets dark, flip the switch and the entire board lights up. The boards are easily portable too so you can play cornhole in the dark while letting the parking lot empty out after the game.

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An attractive table cloth that stays put over the corners of those tailgating tables. The best part? They have licensing for all 32 NFL franchises so you can support your team while laying out an impressive buffet spread. Available at most Bed, Bath & Beyond stores, you can also buy them online: Use the coupon code “tailgatingideas”, and you’ll get 10% off your purchase.

Hang N Out Tailgating Bag HolderHang N Out

Trash collection is always a big issue while tailgating and the Hang N out has made that problem a non-issue. Attaching to your vehicle’s tire, the Hang N Out holds open a full size trash bag and is conveniently out of the way from your tailgating space. The Hang N Out is $35, made in the USA and is available at

Tablanket at the BeachTablanket

It’s a table and a blanket combined into one. Great for not just tailgating but for a picnic, the kids in the park when they want to sit down and have a snack, the beach or anywhere you would want to have a table and a blanket. Folds up into a briefcase size for ease of portability and costs about $50 from

Cooler Mate Insert FeaturedCoolermate

It may look a little funny but the Cooler Mate will save your tailgater a lot of money on ice and a lot of headache on trying to find certain items in the cooler. Simply fill up the Cooler Mate with ice and water, place it is the cooler and then load the cooler with drinks and food as you normally would. Instead of loose ice covering your cooler items, you can easily find everything and can replace it back in the exact spot you took it from without ice filling the vacuum while you are using that item. Great for food coolers so you can keep those things cold throughout the tailgate and replace them for easy access the next time you need something. The CoolerMate will cost $44.95 and the price goes down if you purchase two.

Pool Lounge Pong Raft

Sure it may be cold now but it is not going to stay that way forever. If you have a college student tailgater on your list that will soon be planning for spring break, this would be the perfect gift. With grommets on the corners, this inflatable beer pong table can be suspended from the frame of a pop-up tent while tailgating and it will appear to be “floating” in the middle of the parking lot. Bring it to the pool or the beach and now you have a floating game of beer pong. The additional cup holders around the perimeter allow for spectator viewing because beer pong really is a sport that has fans. Normally priced at $45, on sale now at for $40

Tailgating_Tavern_BackTailgating Tavern

Every tailgater needs a portable bar in their tailgating space. The Tailgating Tavern sets up in 90 seconds and has storage for bottles and mixers along with ice trays, cup holders and a hard surface upon which to make cocktails that would make any bartender cry tears of joy. Combine the Tailgate Tavern with The Coolest and you can be serving blender drinks that will keep your guests coming back for more. The Tailgaterz Tailgating Tavern will run you $79.99 and is available from Amazon.

GoPong Dry Erase Beer Pong Table

Beer pong has exploded in popularity in recent years and a beer pong table while tailgating is becoming almost as standard as a cooler, grill and chairs. The GoPong Dry Erase Beer Pong Table allows you to create your own designs like a tournament bracket, your Greek organization’s letters, a special insult to passing opposing team’s fans, etc. Also includes four (4) Dry Erase Markers (Red, Blue, Green, Black), pre-cut cup holes so drinks won’t spill on your art, high strength aluminum frame, ergonomic carrying handles and a six (6) ball capacity ball holding sleeve with six (6) pong balls included. The GoPong Dry Erase Beer Pong Table will run you $124.99 and is available via

Traveling Breeze Fan-Cooler ChairTraveling Breeze Fan-Cooled Chair

Even though the air is getting cooler and daylight savings has ended, you may be in an area where tailgating requires you to cool down. The Traveling Breeze AIR C20 delivers a quiet, powerful airflow over your back and neck to keep you comfortable anywhere. It has a sturdy, powder-coated frame tested for a 300-pound weight capacity. It comes with an extra-wide seat and extra-tall back. Weighing only 13 pounds, it’s easy to carry, use, store and clean. The rechargeable battery, battery charger and heavy-duty carrying bag is included. Priced at $69.99, you can get yours at

Drinking Jacket FeaturesThe Drinking Jacket

You are probably familiar with Zane Lamprey and know the guy understands the drinking culture. It makes perfect sense Zane Lamprey would come up with a brilliant idea for a jacket that enhances your experience while consuming beverages. The zipper is a bottle opener, the sleeve cuffs keep your hands warm while keeping your drink cold, the front pocket is a koozie, right side includes a sunglasses holder along with a hidden pocket for a flask. There are so many features ideal for a tailgater, you have to get one for the tailgater who already has everything. To get one for yourself or someone on your gift list, visit: