BUILT NY Growler and Bottle totes
The craft beer industry has exploded in the past few years and more and more people are choosing craft beer in the parking lot over those tried and true macro-brews. Craft beer lovers understand that fresh beer straight from the tap tastes best and that is why growlers are starting to pop up more and more in the tailgating parking lots. The same goes for craft beer in 22 oz. “bombers” along with wine. More and more people are choosing alternative adult beverages. The growing need to transport them and keep them cold has led us to discover BUILT NY Totes.

As you can see in the top photo, BUILT NY Totes are neoprene totes that insulate and store flat. We recently tested out the Two Bottle Tote and the Insulated Growler Tote before the San Diego Chargers final home game of 2015.

We first started out hitting one of our favorite local breweries, Bottle Logic Brewing in Anaheim, Calif., the night before the game. We got our stainless steel growler filled there and placed it in the BUILT NY Growler Tote. It insulated and kept it cold while we tasted a few of the new beers just released. We then took it home and placed it into the fridge for the next day. The BUILT NY Growler Tote made it easy to carry to and from the brewery to the car and into the house.

Growlers Tote at the brewery
Growlers Tote at the brewery
Built NY Growler Tote ready to go home
Built NY Growler Tote ready to go home

We also had the opportunity to test the BUILT NY Two Bottle Tote. Also made of insulating neoprene, this tote has two slots for carrying larger bottles like 22 oz. bombers of beer or wine bottles. With a handle at the top for ease of transport, we also brought the Two Bottle Tote tailgating.

As you can see in the photos, the BUILT NY totes, whether for bottles or a growler, made it easy to bring craft beer or wine to any tailgate party. The insulated neoprene kept the bottles and growler cold just as a regular can or bottle koozie keeps your individual bottle or can cold. The handle is strongly stitched and we liked that when not in use, they fold flat and are easily stored.

After taking the BUILT NY Growler Tote and Two-Bottle Tote tailgating, they are definitely “Tailgate Approved”. In addition to tailgating these totes would be great for the upcoming New Years Eve parties in order to bring along a bottle of wine or two to the host or a growler of that special release craft beer that everyone at the party has been wanting to try. Super Bowl party? Forget about it. These totes would be a life saver and make you the hit of the party.

The Two-Bottle Tote is $17.99 directly from BUILT NY’s website or $13.57 from Amazon. The Two-Bottle Tote comes in six different colors/patterns.

The Growler Tote is also $17.99 and comes in two colors patterns; Black and Tweed Camo. The Growler Tote is also available from Amazon.