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Earlier today I was checking out Twitter and getting all the latest and greatest updates on what is going on in the world according to tweeters. Naturally the opening of NFL training camps along with players getting released and the feeding frenzy of teams picking up other team’s unwanted cast-offs made for some interesting tweeting. Among the NFL talk came this tweet from the folks at Skinit.

This week only, ALL Skins are 30% OFF when you use code TWIT30 at checkout! Get skinned!!! (pics)

You probably already know about the Tailgate Packs from SkinIt and how they can turn your tailgating vehicle from drab to tailgater fab. If you don’t believe me, check out this video they shot a few years ago.


Or you can check out this one which is actually a clever idea if you have a friend who roots for your favorite team’s rival.


Back to the twitter conversation we had earlier today… We asked the SkinIt people via twitter if this coupon applied to everything in the store including the Tailgate Packs. They answered back with an emphatic YES!

So there you have it. If you are considering decorating your tailgating rig to show off your support of your team this upcoming season, why not do it at 30% off? Just enter “TWIT30” during the checkout process and the coupon will automatically apply. Couldn’t be any easier.

I am planning on picking up two sets of tailgate packs, one medium and one small pack. The medium will be for my SUV I take tailgating and the small pack will go to decorate my beer pong table. (Not to let the cat out of the bag but the makers of the highly affordable GoPong Beer Pong Table are coming out with a football gridiron beer pong table next month.) If you aren’t a beer pong player, these tailgate packs might make a nice way to spruce up and customize your cornhole boards. Just a thought.

To see all the different teams and types of SkinIt Tailgate Packs, click HERE. And don’t forget your coupon code.