The Cooler Coozie Wraps Up Your Old Cooler With Team Logos

As sports fans and tailgaters we never pass on an opportunity to support our team. Whether it be face painting in the parking lot or sporting your favorite jersey inside the stadium, we think if we fail to show support it could adversely affect the team’s performance on the field. That same commitment to demonstrating you are a true fan extends to your tailgating cooler. No longer do you need to feel ashamed about bringing that red cooler to the tailgate when your team’s colors are black and gold. Now you can wrap your cooler in a Cooler Coozie.

Cooler Coozies are stretchable wraps screened with your favorite team’s colors and official logo that you wrap around your cooler. Made from the same type material they use to make wetsuits, the Cooler Coozie is durable and is ideal for outdoors and tailgating. I discovered this tailgating product while out in Las Vegas for the Sports Licencing & Tailgate Show and chatted with the brainchild of this product.

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6 thoughts to “The Cooler Coozie Wraps Up Your Old Cooler With Team Logos”

  1. I got my ASU Cooler Coozie in the mail the other day and I can’t believe how easy it was to put it on. Not only was it so easy, it instantly made my old cooler look brand new. The best part is when we go tailgating or have a BBQ or just having a party, I’m not ashamed of my cooler anymore. I even had it out at our office party. Thanks guys. :)

  2. I just received my Kyle Busch Cooler Coozie and I can’t wait to display it proud at Daytona this weekend! The graphics are sick!!! I can’t believe it took this long for someone to think of this idea…I just wish it was me :)

    You gotta get one!!!


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