PUBWARE unbreakable beer, wine & cocktail vessels

PubWARE 16 oz pint

More and more stadiums and tailgating parking lots are going “glass free”. Although many tailgaters claim that local municipalities are going glass free in parking lots in order to raise revenue for a cash strapped city, the rationale behind it is hard to argue.

Banning glass is safer because broken glass can potentially cut someone or pop a tire and unruly fans might be able to use broken bottles as weapons. Banning glass in event parking lots is the future but you can stay one step ahead of the rules.

We recently discovered PUBWARE, the solution to the glass ban while still giving you the look and feel of glass. PUBWARE is a new, revolutionary line of elegant, unbreakable drinkware from symGLASS. PUBWARE is designed for both commercial and residential use and combines the look and feel of glass with the durability of engineered polymer. Single-wall construction offers insulation benefits, doesn’t cloud and withstands more than 1500 runs through an industrial dishwasher.

Take a look at how PUBWARE started:

We received samples of the PUBWARE 16 oz. pint glasses and put them to the test. The first thing I wanted to see was how durable PUBWARE really was.

GronkingHow do you test this? Tell your seven year old son to take a PUBWARE glass and go outside and drop it a few times on the driveway. You then tell him to give the PUBWARE a “Gronk”, i.e. spiking an object into the ground as hard as you can. (Image the look on his face when I actually encouraged him to try and break something.) Needless to say, the PUBWARE withstood a futile effort of a 2nd grader doing his best to break something.

Over the course of a few weeks, I drank from the PUBWARE and would then run them through the dishwasher. Normal clear plastic gets that hazy look to it after too many dishwasher runs, especially if using hard water. We live in Anaheim, Calif. and with the dissolved particles in our hard water, one could argue to describe it as “rock hard” water. Suffice to say, after a number of trips through the dishwasher using good old fashioned Anaheim water, the PUBWARE did not haze or discolor.

The third and final test was the feel test. The PUBWARE glasses have the same look and weighted feel to them as regular glass. In the video you saw that people will reject something that does not replicate the look and feel of glass. The feel of PUBWARE in your hand feels like you are holding glass.

Trust me, I have held many pint glasses in my time. Anyone that follows our Twitter or my shenanigans on Untappd knows I enjoy craft beer and have hoisted my fair share of pint glasses in my time. The look and feel of PUBWARE would trick any drinker.

The major benefits of PUBWARE are:

  • Unbreakable
  • Won’t Crack, Haze or Discolor
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Keeps Drinks Colder or Hotter Longer
  • Great for Printing & Engraving
  • Ink Never Fades or Washes Away
  • BPA-Free
  • Made in the USA

Honestly, the only downside I can see to using PUBWARE while tailgating is constantly having to prove to the police that you are holding plastic and not glass.

While tailgating San Diego Chargers games, we are painfully aware of the glass ban imposed at Qualcomm Stadium and the hefty fines that come with a violation. If we are making margaritas, we always make sure to bring our liquor and mixers in plastic bottles and will leave them out on our Beer Pong Table while tailgating. It never fails that a police car will roll up and ask us to flick the tops of the bottle to show that they are plastic. The cops are listening for the “thump” sound of plastic as opposed to the “clink” sound glass makes when you hit it with your fingernails.

If you don’t mind having to prove to the police that your glass is in fact plastic, there are really no excuses to not have a set of PUBWARE glasses at your next tailgate.

After thoroughly testing PUBWARE and putting them through all the paces, PUBWARE is definitely “Tailgate Approved”.

PUBWARE comes in numerous sizes including the previously mentioned 16 oz. pint glass. The 20 oz Pub Glass is also available and would appeal to tailgaters as well. Other sizes and styles include the Stemless wine (12 oz), Old Fashioned (10 oz) and Cordial (2.2 oz) for those wanting to take shots or mix cocktails. PUBWARE has other sizes available as well and be sure to check out their website for sizes, styles and pricing.

For more information or to buy PUBWARE, visit You can also purchase PUBWARE from Amazon and many styles are available for free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member.