Welcome Our Newest Sponsor: The American Tailgater Catalog

american_tailgater_125.jpg Tailgating is all about having the right gear and having fun. Tailgating gear is different from all other types of “camping” gear because it needs to be lightweight yet durable, look cool but still be functional. going further, we want small and compact gear in order to fit more stuff in your tailgating vehicle. I am proud to introduce you to our newest sponsor, The American Tailgater Catalog who has all those aspects covered and more.

The American Tailgater Catalog is an online shopping source for all things unique and different to take your tailgate to the next level. You won’t find ordinary folding chairs or weak hibachi grills on their website. All the items are geared towards the hardcore and the casual tailgater and sports fans.  Want to brand your team’s logo on your burgers? They have NCAA Logo Branding Irons for that. How about a Game-day Trailer Hitch Table? They carry that too.

And it doesn’t just stop there. They have all kinds of stuff to make you a better tailgater. I am sure after a few clicks you’ll find something you don’t have and have wondered how you have tailgated without it. Check them out and make sure to tell them you heard about them from TailgatingIdeas.com.