Parkwhiz logo Tailgating before a game or concert is terrific. Finding that perfect tailgating spot is not that easy. Sometimes the parking lots close to the stadium or arena are sold out by the time you get there. Sometimes the lots don’t have port-a-potties or don’t allow tailgating at all. Most of us would rather take the guess work that surrounds finding a parking spot and just get to tailgating. We recently discovered a website that allows you to reserve your parking space and pay for it before you even get there. It is called ParkWhiz.

You wouldn’t show up to the stadium without already having tickets that have your seat reserved, would you? What if the game was sold out or you are forced to sit in the nose bleeds? The same concept could be applied to parking and your tailgating space. But every week sports fans and tailgaters will show up to the parking lot without a reserved space not knowing if the lot will be full and they can even get in at all. That is the reason why ParkWhiz was started.

The concept is quite simple. Go on and search for the location you want to park and tailgate, for example the Nov 20 Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons game at the Georgia Dome. There you will see the various parking places that offer reserved parking, their prices and the distance the lot is from the stadium. When you find parking that meets your needs, you can reserve it immediately at the specified price. Click the “Reserve Now” button and your parking is guaranteed and there are no extra fees or surcharges when you park.

After you successfully purchase your parking space, you’ll instantly receive a parking pass for you to print at your convenience. Select locations offer the option of using an e-ticket on your smartphone instead of printing. If you want to see an example of what a reserved parking pass looks like, click HERE. On the day of the game just present your ParkWhiz parking pass to the parking attendant who will show you to your parking spot. Your reserved spot is already paid for and waiting for you, so you just park and start the tailgate party. The cool thing is that ParkWhiz offers a guarantee that your parking spot will be as expected and will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive no matter how close to kick-off you arrive.


ParkWhiz currently offers reserved parking spots near 21 of the 31 NFL stadiums and these guys even have parking spots that are approved to allow tailgating prior to the Super Bowl. You probably already know how we feel about the NFL’s ban on Super Bowl tailgating so when we learned that ParkWhiz has found spots where you can tailgate, we definitely wanted to help promote that aspect of their business.

ParkWhiz doesn’t just specialize in parking prior to NFL games. They have a number of parking places for college football conference championship games and even bowl games including the AllState BCS National Championship game in New Orleans. Here is a sample of those locations for college football’s biggest games where you can reserve your spot the moment you know your team will be playing there. (In most cases, you can reserve your parking spot before you know if you will have tickets to the game.)

As a special offer to readers of, ParkWhiz encourages you to use coupon code “TGIDEAS” when you reserve your spot. That coupon code will save you 5% on any parking spot you reserve from now until the BCS championship game on January 9th. By using ParkWhiz you’ll save time and yourself some frustration and anxiety of finding parking the day of the game. By using the code “TGIDEAS” you’ll also save a little bit of money.