Who Wants Tailgate Party Ice Cream?

Here is a tailgating idea that can’t pigeonholed into just one category. Is it a tailgating game? well, you can toss it around for a game of catch so it could be a game. Is it a must-have tailgating supply? If you consider it a gadget that can complete your tailgate then yes to that answer too. Does it fall into the category of tailgating recipes? Sort of, seeing how it assists you to prepare another food item sure to be a hit while tailgating. Actually it qualifies for all three. It’s a tailgating supply that makes ice cream while playing a game of catch.

The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker is perfect for tailgating. Coolers and ice chests keep your food and drinks cold but hardly ever stay cold enough to keep things frozen. If you packed some ice cream for your next tailgate party it will have probably turned into something resembling soft serve by the time you are ready to eat it. On top of that, everyone loves the taste of homemade ice cream but who wants to lug the old ice cream maker all the way to the parking lot? Plus, even if you do bring the ice cream maker you have the issue of getting power to it. This little ice cream ball requires no electricity, no refrigeration and also can keep the kids entertained while the ice cream is being made. Here’s how it works:

Add ice from your cooler and rock salt in one end of the ball and ice cream mix in the other end. Then hand the ball off to the kids and tell them to shake it, pass it or roll it. The ice cream mix can be as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla and you are on your way to having homemade ice cream in the parking lot. You can get more elaborate if you want but the key would be to make the ice cream mixture at home before heading to the tailgating zone. Just place the mixture in a resealable drink container, place it in your cooler to keep cold and then pour it into the ice cream ball when you are ready for dessert.

You’ll need to roll and/or shake the ice cream ball for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once you have shaken up the mixture properly you’ll have approximately a pint of ice cream. It’s a great way to keep yourself entertained and make your ice cream consumption into a tailgating game.

The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker is made of durable polycarbonate, is lightweight, portable and easy to clean. The ball weighs about 2 lbs. when empty and about 7 lbs. when full and comes in a variety of colors. It even comes in a Mega Ice Cream Ball version. The Mega version can make up to a quart of ice cream at a time and comes in various colors.

Bring some M&M’s or crush some Oreo cookies into the mix and you can spruce up your tailgating ice cream to be just more than chocolate or vanilla. Use your imagination and you’ll be the hit of your next tailgate party.

One word of caution: The ice cream ball should not be thrown against anything or kicked like a ball. Although it is pretty durable it is not indestructible. Toss it back and forth in a game of catch or even roll it on the ground like a game of bowling. Just try not to knock it against things too hard because even the smaller of the two sizes weighs about 7 lbs. when the ice cream mixture is inside.

For an easy recipe for vanilla ice cream at your next tailgate party check out this one from allrecipes.com.

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