Big Thanks to Lost Art of Blogging

Just a quick shout out to our friends over at Lost Art Of Blogging. I was recently invited to write a guest article regarding, you guessed it, blogging. In an effort to satisfy my insatiable appetite for information on becoming a better blogger, I found that the only people giving advice were people who write about blogging. I suggested to the folks at Lost Art Of Blogging that their readers might enjoy reading a different perspective on blogging; a perspective from a blogger than that does not blog about blogging. Confused yet?

Long story short, Lost Art Of Blogging recently published my guest article titled Blogging Tips From a Non-Blogging Blogger. Feel free to give it a read and you may get a different perspective on how I started up and my philosophy on blogging on the web.

A big thanks goes out to Tibi and the Lost Art Of Blogging folks for publishing my guest post. If you are an aspiring blogger, make sure to read Lost Art Of Blogging for great insight and tips on improving your craft.