Tailgating Without A Grill Using The Tailgate HotBag

tailgate_hotbag_side-photo.jpg It never fails. At least once a week I will receive an email asking me about “no grill tailgating ideas”. I always thought grilling and tailgating were synonymous but apparently there is a contingent of tailgaters that would much rather prepare food at home and bring it to the party without having to mess with a barbecue. Who knew? Anyway, tailgating without a grill bring up the issue of keeping things hot and more importantly, the correct temperature for the drive there. Also you want to keep your food hot until you want to serve it. If you read our Tailgate Grilling Safety Tips article you would know that maintaining a certain temperature for your hot foods is critical to avoiding salmonella, E. coli, listeria and other food borne illnesses. I recently discovered a brand new product that solves that problem. It’s called the Electric Tailgate Hotbag.

The Electric Tailgate Hotbag plugs into any 12 volt outlet and heats to 165-170 degrees to keep food hot and safe from the time it leaves the oven until it is ready serve. That means anything you take out of the oven, baked beans, hot dips, casseroles, hot wings, etc. can now be served piping-hot right in the parking lot. The Electric Tailgate Hotbag has thermostat controlled heating elements in the top and bottom of the bag for even, consistent heat. The bags are made of tough 1000 Denier nylon and are insulated to keep the heat in and the outside of the bag cool. The supplied 6′ power cord simply plugs into any 12 volt outlet or you can use the optional AC adapter to heat the bag indefinitely. Basically, you prepare everything at home, take the dishes and place them in the Tailgate Hotbag, plug it into your cigarette lighter and your food stays hot the whole way there. Keep the Tailgate Hotbag plugged in while you set up your tailgating space and the food stays at your desired temperature.

tailgate_hotbag_medium.jpgThe Electric Tailgate Hotbag comes in three sizes for any size tailgate party. The large, Top-Loading Electric Tailgate Hotbag is 16 x 15 x 10 inches with extra insulation, side carrying handles and a zippered top. The large Tailgate Hotbag fits larger pots and dishes and can keep an entire meal hot even if your tailgate destination is hundreds of miles away. There are two side-loading Electric Tailgate Hotbag. The standard size comes in a 17 x 18 x 5 inch size while the large side-loader is a 17 x 19 x 12 inch size for bigger parties. The standard size side-loading bag (pictured at top) is perfect for flat dishes like wings and casseroles while the large size side loader (pictured at left) is best at holding things that can be stacked, but still need to be kept hot, like pastrami sandwiches or pizzas. The large bag costs $225, the standard side-loading bag costs $135 and the large side-loading bag will run you $185. No matter what size you choose, all three bags weigh less than five pounds when empty.

You can now buy your own Tailgate Hotbag from TailgatingIdeas.com. Click HERE to buy yours now.