You Dropped The (Lime) Bomb On Me

The Original Lime BomberWhat self-respecting tailgater doesn’t like a Corona with a fresh wedge of lime in it? Many Mexican beers like Sol, Dos Equis and Pacífico among others are perfect with a lime wedge in it. Let’s face it. Getting that lime into your beer bottle can be a pain. I don’t know how many times I have a had a woman ask me to put a lime in her beer and then immediately complain she didn’t want me to put my fingers all over the opening of the bottle. So how do you keep the women at your tailgate party happy while enjoying their beers germ free? The Lime Bomber to the rescue.

The Lime Bomber at first glance looks like a regular long neck beer bottle but is actually a clever tailgating tool. It is made of two plastic parts; a “loader” that sits on top of a bottle and a “plunger” you push down into the loader. Here’s how it works:

Place the loader on top of your beer bottle and then drop a wedge of citrus into the loader. Using the plunger, push down on the lime wedge and in one swift motion the Lime Bomber easily and sanitarily inserts a lime wedge into your beer bottle. Remove the loader and plunger pieces from the top of your beer and you are ready to continue tailgating.

I received a Lime Bomber in the mail and thought I would test it out to see if it was truly a tailgating supply worth having. In an effort to judge the performance of the lime bomber, I decided that a six-pack of Corona and a single lime would provide enough research to give an accurate assessment. After six Coronas it is safe to say the Lime bomber works great. There are two basic techniques you can use depending on your preference on how you like you lime inserted and placed in your beer. Before receiving the Lime Bomber, I would cram the lime wedge into the neck of the beer bottle, place my thumb over the opening and then turn the bottle upside down so the lime could float to the base of the bottle. Other tailgaters like to insert the lime wedge just into the neck of the bottle so that with each sip, the beer washes over the lime wedge and picks up the juice as it flows out. Either technique is acceptable and basically comes down to your own personal preference. The Lime Bomber can accomplish both tasks of getting the lime just into the neck of the bottle or by “bombing” it all the way to the bottom.

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By “bombing” the lime wedge into your beer bottle using the Lime Bomber, the lime with shoot straight down to the bottom of the bottle. Depending on how hard you force the plunger down, you can even get the lime to bounce off the bottom. The only draw back to this technique is that it tends to make quite a mess. The beer tends to fizz a bit too much and will overflow up and out of the Lime Bomber’s loader base unit. Since you will probably be using this during your next tailgate party, making a mess is not that big of a deal. After all, a tailgating parking lot has probably had a few beers spilled on its asphalt over the years. Keep a roll of paper towels close by if you enlist this technique because you will invariably need to dry off your hands and whatever flat surface you were using during the ‘bombing” process.

The other technique is to gently insert the lime wedge into the bottle. By using the slower technique you can also essentially “juice” the lime wedge so that a lot of the juice will run down the sides and into the bottle. By pressing the plunger all the way down, the lime will be forced through the bottle neck and will rest in the middle of the bottle. You can also keep an eye on how far down the lime wedge goes and stop it at your preferred height if you like the lime to stay wedged in the neck of the bottle. It just all depends on where you like the lime. The key to the Lime Bomber is that it keeps your hands clean and dry and you don’t have to worry about potential germ transfer from someone putting their hands all over your lime wedge or the opening of your beer bottle.

lime Bomber Lime SlicerObviously you can pick up your own Lime Bomber at The original clear plastic version runs about $12.50 and they even have a “Sinko Me Lime o” version that runs about $14.00 that is a more festive Mexican decoration. They have other colors too including red, yellow and blue and they are in the works of creating a green colored version of the Lime Bomber. An accessory that you might consider picking up to go with your Lime Bomber is the lemon/lime slicer. It will slice an entire lemon or lime into eight even pieces in one simple motion. It has heavy-duty construction complete with stainless steel blades and the best part is it is dishwasher safe. The citrus slicer runs about $16.00. The Lime Bomber website also has talking beer bottle openers, bottle cozies, branded t-shirts and hats on sale as well.

Maybe the Lime Bomber might be just the thing for your next tailgate party to keep your hands clean and your beer germ free. Maybe you aren’t Adrian Monk and aren’t deathly afraid of germs and the Lime Bomber is of no use to you. Either way, you have to admit it is a pretty clever way of getting a citrus wedge into any bottle of beer. Happy tailgating!

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