Tailgate Party Planning Ahead

Girls at a tailgate partyWhen tailgating we all want to relax and have a good time. That’s the point, right? Might we suggest a few tailgating ideas to make your tailgate party a lot better before, during and after? Once you are there you need to take some precautions to ensure a fun and smooth tailgating experience. A little bit of planning ahead of time before you arrive can save yourself a lot of headache in the long run. Plus little things you can do while you are there will pay off even after the party has ended.

One of the simplest things you can do to make sure you can relax and enjoy your tailgate party is to know the parking situation at your stadium or arena. Take football season for example. Early season games tend to happen in the late summer in August and September. No matter where you are in the country, that time of year can get pretty hot. After all, tailgating is an outdoor activity and you will be exposed to the elements. By simply knowing the layout of your parking lot and understanding what time you will be tailgating is crucial. A simple tailgating tip is to park your vehicle so that the front of the vehicle is facing the sun for the majority of the tailgate time. That way you can use your tent or instant shade effectively. If you get to the stadium at the crack of dawn, you’ll want to park your car with the nose facing the east. That way as the sun is rising, you will be in the shade and you and your guests will be cool. If you get to the stadium late or your game’s start time is later in the afternoon, park facing the west so that you can be in the shade the rest of the time. Concert tailgating normally happens in the late afternoon because concerts are usually a night time event. Definitely park your vehicle facing the west is you are going to be doing some concert tailgating if the weather is hot.

Since we’re talking about getting away from the sun, we can not stress enough how important it is to have some sunscreen on while tailgating. No one wants to be fried before entering the game so a quick swipe of some sun block will keep you comfortable. Make sure to grab some sunscreen that is waterproof and/or sweat proof so you do not need to reapply all throughout the day. This will help protect yourself if you have no means of creating your own shade. We are sure you have gotten enough of a lecture over the years about using sun block so we’ll move on.

One final tailgating idea that deals with protecting your car and not necessarily yourself. One simple thing you can do to prevent damage to your car is turn in your side mirrors after you park. The tailgating parking lot has a lot more foot traffic than say, a parking lot at the mall. Tailgate partiers will find short cuts to other tailgate parties by weaving their way through a maze of parked cars. Also, a lot more people probably will be passing by your car on their way to the stadium before the first pitch or kick-off. The likelihood of your side mirrors on your car getting bumped and jarred is rather high based on the amount of pedestrian traffic that will pass by your car. You probably have figured out that tailgaters with a few cocktails in them normally do not have the best balance and will invariably bump into things. This is especially true if they are navigating a narrow space between two parked cars. Give these tipsy tailgaters a break by turning in your mirrors and reducing the chance it will be your side mirror that will make contact with someone’s hip or elbow. It just takes a few seconds and could protect against returning to your car to find a broken mirror.

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