Honey, I’m Heading Out

It doesn’t take much to get this tailgater thinking.  So when I was awarded the eye candy of the week, naturally I connected “eye candy” to tailgating and attending a game.  (Writers Note: As I am a guy, I write from a guy’s perspective.  But the following applies if the gender roles are reversed.)

The question I pose is, “Is it better to bring the significant other to the tailgate and game, or is it better to make it strictly a gentleman’s afternoon?” I give you the following 13 reasons to aide in your decision making.  And if my wife is reading this, 13 might truly be unlucky for this fan!

The Gentleman’s Club:

  1. Your eyes can wander freely without the fear of an unexpected elbow to the ribs from your woman.  And if it’s a warm summer, baseball tailgate those eyes will wander.
  2. Bring out the old pick-up lines as you play the role of the best wing man ever for your single friends.
  3. No making the other tailgaters and fans sick with your public displays of affection.
  4. Barbeque sauce face?  Who cares, these lips are for eating and drinking only today.
  5. Your beer pong partner isn’t predetermined.
  6. Feeling lucky with the point spread?  You can always say they jacked up the price of parking.
  7. Burger or dog hits the ground.  The “5 second” rule applies even in the parking lot.  If you do happen to get sick, well there’s your excuse for getting out of chores once you return home!
  8. You aren’t associated with a pink jersey.
  9. You only have to entertain yourself.  And as long as the cooler is full and the grill hot, that is a very easy job.
  10. Blow the cigar smoke freely.  No need to account for the wind, position your chair correctly, or limit the stogies to 1.
  11. You will go without knowing the menus of the various stadium concession stands.  Instead you will get to know what happened in all 4 quarters or 9 innings.
  12. You get to experience the post game tailgate.  The end of the game doesn’t mean the end of the afternoon.  Plus bringing your woman to the gentleman’s club just makes for an uncomfortable situation for all.
  13. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.  And if the home team wins, well you can fill in the rest when you do return home.