Drill Blender Available via Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com

Since starting this tailgating blog nearly three years ago, one of the first really cool tailgating gear items I discovered was the Drill Blender. If you couldn’t tell by the accompanying image, it is a contraption that allows you to whip up any kind of blender drink using your cordless drill.

Many tailgaters will shop for a portable generator just so they can adequately power their kitchen blender and keep the women tailgaters coming back for Pina Coladas, Daquiris and Margaritas. Seems to be kind of a waste to burn the gasoline and take up valuable room in your tailgating vehicle for a generator if making blender drinks is all you have planned for it. With the advent of the Drill Blender you can make all kinds of blender drinks as long as you have a cordless drill that turns a minimum of 1,100 RPM.

So why am I rehashing describing a product you may have recall me writing ab out a few years ago? Well, prior to the present, if you wanted to get a Drill Blender of your own, you had to buy it directly from the manufacturer or search for it on Amazon or some place like that. Now, you can get your own Boat Blender directly from our tailgating gear online store, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com.

With tailgating season just around the corner you may want to consider spending considerably less this year just to make blender drinks in the parking lot. Priced at $37.95 with shipping included, the Drill Blender is highly affordable even in this recessionary economy. To learn more about the features and design of the Drill Blender, shop.tailgatingideas.com/drill-blender