More Proof Tailgating Food Is Better Than Stadium Concessions

moldy_hot_dog.jpgI’ve always held onto the belief that the tailgating food served outside the stadium is 10 times better than anything you can buy inside. The cost savings alone is enough reason to fire up the grill and fill up in the parking lot. We even told you about one minor league baseball team offering “Fowl Balls”, a.k.a. fried turkey testicles, as part of their concessions menu. Now comes a report that 2007 was not a good year for baseball stadiums following basic health codes. Reports of mouse droppings near food prep areas, moldy ice machines and cockroach infestations were found in a number of Major League Baseball stadiums. The biggest offenders were both in California, Angel Stadium in Anaheim and McAfee Coliseum in Oakland. I am sure at one time we all have invoked the five second rule on a rogue bratwurst but rat feces served with your hot dog is a bit much.

To view an interactive report on the findings of these health code inspections go HERE. After reading that I am sure the next time you head to the ballpark you’ll make sure to bring your grill. For a complete guide to tailgating food safety, check out Tailgate Grilling Safety Tips originally published on this website back in November 2007.