Gift Giving Guide: Beer Pong

Beer Pong while tailgating is becoming more and more a fixture in the tailgating parking lots. So if you have a beer pong playing tailgater on your holiday shopping list, here is a great resource of beer pong tables and accessories in time to have it in hand before Christmas.

hot babe with beer pong raftPort-o-Pong Beer Pong Table: Tired of lugging a hard top, beer pong table to the tailgate party? Port-o-Pong is a regulation length inflatable beer pong table. It’s a beer pong raft with cup holders in perfect formation for beer pong. It floats in a pool or you can rest it on the hood of a car while tailgating. It also features four heavy duty four grommets on the corners so that you can suspend the Port-o-Pong from the frame of your instant shade tent.

You can buy one directly from for $49.99. Port-o-Pong Beer Pong Tables come in your choice of classic blue or pink. Multiple shipping options are available including overnight delivery. Visit the product page HERE for more information and ordering instructions.

nice-rack-image.jpgThe N-Ice Rack: This is a freezable beer pong rack that keeps your beers cold all the way to the last cup. No more having to drink warm beer if your game runs long. An extra added benefit of the N-Ice Rack is that the uniform hole slots provide a tight rack for both teams to shoot towards. The N-Ice Rack is $19.99 + $8.00 shipping via UPS to anywhere in the U.S.

Pool Pong Rack In WaterThe Pool Pong Rack – So you want to play beer pong but you don’t want to get out of the pool? Inflate these two floating Pool Pong Racks in less than a minute each and place them in the water face up. Put six cups in the cup holders within the Pool Pong Rack and fill with beer. Because each Pool Pong Rack floats independently from your opponent’s, it makes the game a bit more challenging depending on water currents and wind direction. The Pool Pong Rack is also designed to work in conjunction with the N-Ice Rack which expands the game to include 10 cups instead of just six had you used the Pool Pong Rack by itself. You can get your own Pool Pong Rack directly from for $19.95 + $7.00 shipping via UPS to anywhere in the U.S. You can also buy a Pool Pong Rack and a N-Ice Rack as a package deal and save on shipping costs.

BJs King of Pong Beer Pong TableBJ’s Beer Pong Tables – Combine the hard top playability of traditional beer pong tables with the portability of a long brief case with BJ’s Beer Pong Tables. Coming in a number of varieties and themes including a Football Gridiron, Major League Beer Pong, King of Pong among others you can also customize your table with any image or logo of your choosing. Coming in standard, original sizes and also King Sizes, BJ’s Beer Pong Tables make your tailgate the envy of those around you.

footballopen.jpgPro-Pong Beer Pong Tables: Grab yourself a regulation sized folding beer pong table for excellent portability. These Pro-Pong beer pong tables measure 7 1/2 long when unfolded but fold in half to about the size of a brief case. Five styles are available including Football Gridiron, Classic White, Planet Pong, The Big Bang and Buds Buds Buds for you smokers out there. Each table sells for $124.95 + $24.95 shipping.

Bombed Complete Beer Pong Beirut Kit – There is much debate ballyhooed about the real name of the game. Some contend it is called Beirut and Beer Pong is played on a ping pong table with paddles. Other say Beer Pong is the correct nomenclature. Whatever you call it, the Bombed Complete Beer Pong Beirut Kit will make it easier to play at your next tailgate party.

This complete kit comes with two racks, 22 cups, three beer pong balls and a rule book so no one is arguing the rules over bounced shots. Just pick up one of these kits, find a flat surface, you provide the beer and your are playing beer pong. Another cool thing about this kit is that you can fill up all ten cups right from a keg at the same time. No more running back and forth filling up each individual cup. Think of it as a serving tray where you hold it in one hand and dispense the draft beer with your other hand. The rack also prevents those uneven, sloppy racks and provides a sturdy base to prevent tips and spills from line drive shots.

adams_balls2.jpg Adam’s Balls – Adam’s Balls is the ultimate resource for fully customizable beer pong balls. Any logo or photograph can be sized and placed on a beer pong ball making your next game of beer pong stand out from the rest. The detail on these balls is amazing as you can see from the photo. To learn more about how to get customized beer pong balls for your next game, visit the Adam’s Balls product review page.

rerack-dimensions.jpgReRack Cups – Red plastic party cups seem to always be used in a game of beer pong. The problem is that there are some issues that come along with those party cups. ReRack Cups are plastic cups that you can reuse, ensure all cups are filled to the same level, reduces the amount of spills and is environmentally friendly. ReRack Cup are reusable and dishwasher safe so you can play them again and again without trashing the environment. Another advantage of ReRack Cups is their wider base, nearly an extra half-inch on the base over those disposable party cups. With the same top diameter as a normal disposable cup, the wider base prevents the cups from tipping over or sliding off of the table. Also, ReRack Cups have four different fill lines that are clearly visible. This way before the game starts you and your opponents can agree on the exact amount of beer each cup will be filled with.