Pool Lounge Pong Raft

pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Raft

Even though we have changed the clocks forward and the official First Day of Spring is about 10 days away, it might be a good time to start thinking about spring weather tailgating. And what do you associate the most when you hear the term “spring”? Spring Break, of course.

In honor of that, we want to tell you about a cool beer pong product called the Pool Lounge Pong Raft. Made by the same guys that brought you GoPong beer pong tables and more notable, the Pool Pong Party Barge, have a slight variation to hit the market.

Dubbed the Pool Lounge Pong Raft, it looks very similar to the Pool Pong Party Barge. The Pool Lounge Pong Raft has the cup holders in the triangle pattern on each end just like the Party Barge and also includes eight cup holders around the edge. The additional cup holders can be used for a wash cup, spectators of the game to hold their beverages or just a place to put your drink while you are social floating and using it as a floating bar.

The main difference is that the Pool Pong Party Barge has a central cooler that can hold up to 18 canned beverages plus a bag of ice while the Pool Lounge Pong Raft does not. So why would you choose the Pool Lounge Pong Raft over the Party Barge? Affordability makes this one more attractive for those that are price conscience.

The Pool Lounge Pong Raft is specifically designed for floating beer pong either in a pool or a lake but can also be used while tailgating. Each of the four corners contains a grommet. Just tie a string or twine through it and suspend it from the frame of your pop-up tent and you now have a levitating beer pong table in the parking lot. It also collapses down to a much smaller size when transporting it to and from the tailgate leaving more room in your car for friends, food or, oh yeah, beer.

The Pool Lounge Pong Raft also includes three balls so all you need to provide are the plastic party cups and the beer and you are ready to play.

The Pool Lounge Pong Raft is sale priced right now at $40. When compared to other inflatable beer pong tables, it is the most affordable unit out there. Buy one from Spring Break 24-7.