Video: Ceiling Fan Beer Pong

I am not a big fan of using videos shot on people’s camera phones. I especially do not like those videos where the person clearly does not know hold to hold the cell phone so that the video comes out horizontal rather than vertical. But in this case I made an exception because of the idea these gals came up with. Watch the video and then see my idea on how to transfer this technique to the tailgating parking lot.


Most people do not have a ceiling fan attached to their tailgating tent but this concept could be adapted for tailgating. Just suspend your Inflatable Beer Pong Table from the top frame of your tent and then take one end of it and walk around in a circle. That will get the strings wound up and then when you want to play and add in a degree of difficulty, just release. The untwisting of the strings should rotate the table much like the ceiling fan did in this video.

(The inflatable beer pong table you saw in the video is a Port-o-Pong beer pong table. You can get one of your own HERE.)