Pro Pong Beer Pong Tables Just In Time For Football Season

footballopen.jpgNFL pre-season games have already kicked off and college football is right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great to have a regulation, tournament sized beer pong table that folds into an easy to carry briefcase at your first tailgate party of the season? Making it even sweeter is you can get this beer pong table with a football gridiron theme before the season even starts.

folded-football.jpgThese beer pong tables feature excellent craftsmanship and are made from high quality squared aluminum for enhanced durability. They’re portable so you can fold them up and toss it in your car minutes before kick-off. (Folded table measures 3.75 feet long, 2 feet wide and four high.) The surface design is protected by a strong lamanent that keeps it from fading and protects against scratches and sun damage. Spilled beer is not a problem in that you could let it sit on the table all night and it is easily cleaned up with one swipe of a paper towel.

Sliding cups are a thing of the past once you get one of these tables. The racking triangles are gripped to keep the cups from moving around even when wet. Each side can hold up to 20 cups plus water cups. Also the surface lamanent is perfect for bouncing. Just remember once you bounce, the other team can swat your ball away.

The football gridiron is not the only design available. You can get you portable beer pong table in a variety of styles including Classic White, Planet Pong, The Big Bang and Buds Buds Buds for you smokers out there. All four designs are displayed below in the order they are listed. Click on any image to see in greater detail.


All of these portable beer pong tables weigh 25 pounds and measure 7 1/2 feet long when open, 2 feet wide and the playing surface is 28 inches off the ground. Now you can have a regulation size beer pong table with stylish designs while tailgating with the convenience and portability of a briefcase.

Get your own portable beer pong table in time for football season from our online tailgating store, These tables will run you $124.95 + $24.95 shipping. You’ll be the hit of the parking lot when you unfold one of these babies. To get your own, click HERE.

While you are at it, a N-Ice Rack to keep your beers cold along with some customized beer pong balls from Adam’s Balls would make this portable beer pong table complete.

Please know your limit and drink responsibly. Most importantly, please do not drink and drive.