Bag Toss – A New Way To Play Cornhole

When it comes to playing corhole while tailgating there isn’t much difference in the actual game play other than the distances you choose to play from and the quality and craftsmanship of the equipment you play on. Most cornhole boards are 2′ x 4′ and have a hole 6 inches in diameter. Pretty standard operating equipment for cornhole and because of that uniformity, some tailgaters might be looking for something a little more unique. Enter Bag Toss 2 made by Vorticy Sports, Inc. and available via

As you can see in the above photo, Bag Toss makes two kinds of cornhole boards. The classic cornhole board is just as you might expect it to be; a single hole, corhole board. Bag Toss 2 is just like a regular corhole board however the slot at the top makes this corhole board unique.

The slot is located above the corhole and is 6 inches wide. In order to make scoring that zone more challenging, it is only 2 1/2 inches high. Since it is smaller and more challenging to score into the slot, it is valued at 5 points. In addition to the smaller size, another factor that makes it more challenging to score on the slot is the location placed above the cornhole. Players known as “sliders” who use the smooth surface of the cornhole board to hit first and then slide the bag into the hole will find the slot more of a challenge. The distance between the cornhole and the slot does not allow for sliding, hence, scoring on the slot will need to be an “air mail” shot. We found this to be true when testing out Bag Toss 2. We took the game tailgating with us and we played for several hours. All of those that played it found the slot to be challenging yet pretty exciting when one drops. Honestly, because the slot is valued at 5 points, no matter how far behind you are, one hit in the slot and you immediately back within striking distance of your opponent.

Cornhole boards made by Bag Toss come in two types of finishes, Heritage and Natural. The Natural finish is several clear coats over the bare wood. A Heritage finish involves staining the wood and then applying clear coats. The Heritage finish costs a bit more due to the extra step of staining. The stain work is not furniture quality, but it still looks really good. Each finish can be painted on for those that want to customize their own cornhole board.

In addition to the two types of finishes, you can also choose the right size for your cornholing needs. Bag Toss cornhole boards come in two different sizes, Traditional and Tailgate. The traditional is your standard, regulation tournament size cornhole board measuring 4′ x 2′. The Tailgate size measures 3′ x 2′ for easier portability and storage to and from the tailgating lot. Both sizes of Bag Toss cornhole boards are made with high quality 1/2″ birch plywood. That stuff is not cheap and the edges of the boards are finger joints that allow for bi-directional fastening which adds strength. A full grown man can stand on these boards without breaking them. A center stiffener is added to minimize deck bounce (actually there are three center stiffeners on the tournament series). The stand is cool because it stows into the board for easy storage and transportation. It also holds the bags and is a nice place to put stuff when playing. I particualrly like how the bags stow in the board because most other sets tend to overlook this feature. No more transporting your boards and bags separately or worrying your bags will fall out the hole is you stow them between the two boards.

Speaking of portability, these boards are extremely sturdy but light enough to take tailgating. They fit easily into your car and include handles so you can easily move them and replace them back into your car. we took Bag Toss tailgating with us to the Chargers games and found them to be very portable and easy to use and play on.

Any set of cornhole boards from Bag Toss comes with eight bags made with high quality and durable duck cloth. The insides consist of primarily recycled plastic pellets. These pellets are truly remarkable as they have the right feel of natural corn but are nearly indestructible. Best of all, you can wash these bags and they won’t rot like corn-filled bags.

Depending on the finish you choose, cornhole boards from Bag Toss will run you in the neighborhood of $139 to $159 depending on if you choose the tailgate size or the traditional size. If you prefer the darker stained Heritage look, you’ll need to add $19 to the previously mentioned prices. Also, those prices are consistent no matter if you choose the Bag Toss Classic or the Bag Toss 2 which includes the 5 point slot above the cornhole.

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