Tailgating Food Guaranteed Better Than Minor League Baseball Concessions

turkey_testicles.gifOne of the great things I love about tailgating is that you can avoid paying for overpriced food and drink inside the stadium or concert venue. Another benefit of tailgating is that you choose what you want to eat. Deciding to eat at the stadium you are forced to consume whatever brand of beer the stadium has contracted with. Same goes for the types of food they will serve. Add to the mix that a six-pack of your favorite beer from the supermarket will run you about the same as buying one 16 oz. cup of beer inside. Recently I discovered another great reason to tailgate. The Sioux Falls Canaries, a minor league baseball franchise, and their concessions partners are now offering “Fowl Balls”. Yup, you guessed it right. The Sioux Falls Canaries concession stands will now serve turkey testicles to baseball fans.

(That sound you just heard was me throwing up in my mouth.)

Bill Sedelmeier, director of food and beverage for the independent minor league team located in South Dakota, said that fans can dip their breaded and fried “fowl balls” in a variety of sauces including ranch, barbecue and bleu cheese. Sounds delightful. I wonder if the family size serving comes with its own barf bag?

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick to filling up in the parking lot on Swedish meatballs rather than turkey balls.