Never Lose Your Drink With Etch-It Cups

Plastic red cups are synonymous with tailgating as is grilling and cornhole. With the multitude of red cups at a larger tailgate party it is hard to determine which one was yours if you set it down to help out the guy grilling, grab a sweatshirt out of your car, head to the port-a-potty or whatever. Using a black marker to write your name on your cup can get messy if you do not wait for the ink to dry. Sometimes the condensation on the outside of your cup causes the marker ink to get all over your hands. Now with Etch-It Cups you will never lose your cup again.

Etch-It cups are just like other plastic cups but with one difference; there is a label you peel back that reveals a marking surface. Use your fingernail, your cars keys, the back of your fork, whatever has some sort of an edge and write you name on the black patch that is revealed. Now you’ll know exactly which drink is yours. Make it a little more creative than just your name and now you have yourself a unique ice breaker for the hottie you have been dying to meet.

Etch-It Cups come in clear frost and classic red and are available online at New York Bar Store.