Cooler Dry

Cooler Dry PackageWith the NCAA and NFL football seasons coming to a close, it is about that time to start mothballing all your tailgating gear until next season. A lot of tailgaters will just stack and store their gear in a corner of a garage or storage shed and forget about it until it is the start of football season again. That would be a big mistake because those tailgaters will be in for a rude awakening come August.

Proper storage of your tailgating gear is crucial this time of year to prevent a lot of hard work for yourself months from now. Take for example your tailgating cooler. If you just emptied out all the ice and packed it away for the next seven months, the amount of mold, mildew and not to mention the horrific smell coming from your cooler would be enough to make your eyes water. I recently discovered a product that helps prop the lid of your cooler partially open allowing for air circulation and proper evaporation of moisture. It’s called Cooler Dry.

Cooler Dry on Red Cooler

Simply stated, the Cooler Dry is a plastic clip that you place on the edge of your cooler and it holds the lid about an inch open. The small opening gets fresh air in your cooler to evaporate the water you may have missed before storing the cooler. It also prevents the air from getting trapped inside and getting stale and stagnant. You can use the Cooler Dry on multiple coolers and stack them without taking up any extra room in your garage.

Some tailgaters will make the effort to thoroughly clean out their cooler and make sure it is dry before storing it away for months. Even if you do get all the moisture out of your cooler, the stagnant air that is trapped in your cooler for months can taint the interior of your cooler later. A lot of people will dry out their cooler by turning it over and letting the lid prop it up while it is upside down. Big mistake. This places unnecessary stress on the hinges causing damage and shortening the lifespan of your cooler. Some people may try to prop it open with a crushed beer can or a stick or a piece of PVC pipe. If you are in the garage and accidentally bump your cooler, the can or stick can become dislodged and fall off the cooler and then you would still get a smelly cooler for the next time you use it. You can bump your cooler while the Cooler Dry is in place and the lid won’t close accidentally. Take a look at this video of it in action.


I was sent a sample three pack of Cooler Dry clips and I attached them to all three different sizes of coolers I have in the garage. Since the San Diego Chargers were eliminated from the playoffs and the start of the Cal State Fullerton baseball season is a while away, the Cooler Dry clips on my coolers will keep them fresh and clean no matter how long they sit. If you own even one tailgating cooler I would highly recommend getting the Cooler Dry to save yourself the dirty job of cleaning out your cooler next season.

A single Cooler Dry will run you $4.95 plus shipping. A three pack of Cooler Dry clips is $9.95 plus the shipping. To get some for yourself, visit