Cooler Dry Giveaway

Cooler Dry close upWere you with us last week when we introduced you to the Cooler Dry? It is a simple yet ingenious plastic clip that props the lid of your cooler partially open allowing for air circulation and proper evaporation of moisture. As you can imagine it fights the build up of mold, mildew and that awful “old cooler” smell after it has been packed and stored for months.

We were sent a sample three-pack and have installed all three Cooler Dry clips on three coolers here at headquarters. We have another three-pack that is unopened and we thought it a good idea to give it away to one of our readers. It won’t cost you anything to toss your hat in the ring for consideration. Here’s how it will work.

The winner of the three-pack of Cooler Dry will be determined via Twitter. (Twitter is free to use and if you don’t have an account already, you can sign up for free at The winner will need to send out a Tweet to their followers using the hashtag #coolerdry. Here is a suggested tweet you can cut and paste and send out to your Twitter followers:

@TailgatingIdeas giving away a 3-pack of Cooler Dry to avoid having a smelly cooler. Use #coolerdry in your tweet to win

Here is where it really gets good. For every 100 followers you have on Twitter, that is equal to one entry. (Don’t worry. If you have less than 100 you still get one entry.) Have 1,000 followers? That equates to 10 entries. If Ashton Kutcher, (@aplusk) who has 6,196,873 followers on Twitter at the time we posted this, tweets out the above message, he would receive 61,968 entries. So the more followers you have on Twitter, the more entries you’ll receive. Multiple tweets are appreciated but will not increase your chances of winning nor will they boost your number of entries.

Deadline to Tweet is Friday, January 14, 2011 at midnight pacific time. The winning entry will be determined randomly and picked by the True Random Number Generator. The winner will be notified via Twitter and once we have your address we will send you your three-pack of Cooler Dry clips. We’ll even foot the bill for the postage.

Now that football season is over and most of you tailgaters are winterizing your tailgating gear, a set of Cooler Dry clips will help out a ton next summer when it is time to break it out and do it all over again. Good luck to everyone.