Canopy Cooler

We’ve all heard the saying, “Kill two birds with one stone”. Basically it means to solve two problems at one time with a single action. Rarely do we see this phenomena when it comes to tailgating gear. Then again, it wasn’t until recently that we discovered the Canopy Cooler.

Canopy Cooler Featured

The Canopy Cooler is made by the same guys that brought you the GoGalley which is a portable outdoor kitchen. The Canopy Cooler is named just as closely to it’s function as you can get. It is a dual-chambered cooler that attaches to the leg of your pop-up canopy. Obviously the two mainstays of any tailgate party include a canopy to protect you from the elements and a cooler to keep your beverages and food cold. The great part in combining this product is that it performs so many other functions than just keeping your drinks cold. The main benefit is you not only have a long lasting cooler but the cooler attaches to the canopy leg and acts as a weight to keep your tent grounded and stable in case of wind.

Interlocking Tables Canopy Cooler
Interlocking Tables of the Canopy Cooler

The first thing you will notice is that the cooler appears to be “floating” on the tent leg. I assure you that it is not a magic trick but rather held up by two “tables” or as I like to call them, “paddles”. The paddles interlock onto the tent leg and create a flat surface where you place the Canopy Cooler. I would suggest if the paddles are facing north/south you place your cooler on the leg facing east/west. This will help balance the Canopy Cooler and help it sit flatter.

The Canopy Cooler is dual chambered in that either side can hold drinks in one side and food in the other. This also solves the age old problem of having two coolers. (We blogged about the importance of food safety and having two coolers over at Both sides of the Canopy Cooler can hold quite a bit of food and drink. 48 can capacity to be exact. We loaded up ours with beer cans and bottles on one side and then sodas and water bottles on the other. That way we just had to remember which side to reach into depending on if we wanted a beer or something non-alcoholic.

Canopy Cooler access flapSpeaking of reaching into the Canopy Cooler, there is a quick access flap in the middle that is about as big as your hand. This allows for easy access inside to grab a fresh cold one without having to unzip the entire side. Quick in and out also helps keep the ice and contents colder longer which is always nice.

We briefly mentioned earlier about the fact the Canopy Cooler sits on your tent leg which in turn adds additional weight to keep your canopy anchored. This feature can not be stressed enough. Wind can be a huge nuisance while out tailgating and we tailgaters will go to great lengths to keep our tents anchored. Sand bags, old jugs filled with water, hand weights on bungee cords or coffee cans filled with cement have all been used to keep the tents from flying away. If you get a Canopy Cooler, those days of anchoring your tent the old fashioned way are over. Get two Canopy Coolers and place them on opposite legs diagonally from each other and your tent will be solidly on the ground. The peace of mind knowing you don’t have to fear wind gusts is worth the price of the product alone.

Canopy Cooler OrangeThe last feature we really liked about the Canopy Cooler is the fact the cooler is elevated and there is no more bending down to get a beverage out of the cooler. The paddles where the cooler sits are completely adjustable. Depending on how tall you and your tailgate party guests are, place the cooler exactly where it is easiest for everyone to get in and about of. If you tailgate with kids, place one Canopy Cooler on one leg lower so they can get their bottles of water or juice boxes easily and then place the other Canopy Cooler a little higher so the little ones can’t accidentally get into your hooch.

Let’s review the benefits of using the Canopy Cooler at your next tailgate party.

• 2 coolers in 1 + canopy weight keeps food and beverage contents safely separated in two insulated compartments
• “Patent Pending” cooler tables mount at any height on canopy pole(s) up to 1 1/16” square
• Anchors canopy in seconds on any surface (hard or soft) without the hassle of sandbags, canopy weights, blocks, tie-downs
• Convenient access to cooler contents without bending over
• Cooler contents are off the ground and safe from the elements
• “Quick Access” flaps makes reaching cooler contents even easier and keeps ice longer
• Carry Handles and convenient storage compartment for cooler tables makes transporting a breeze
• On hot days, use to get cold groceries home from store; so more time to run other errands instead of rushing home
• Collapses flat for easy storage

Canopy Cooler colorsFeatures & Specs

• 48 can capacity soft-sided cooler; 600Denier
• (2) separate insulated cooler compartments for cold, hot or dry contents – 2 coolers in 1
• (2) “Quick Access” flaps on cooler top makes for easy access to contents and keeps contents hot or cold
• (2) Side Slip Storage Pockets
• (2) cooler tables with adjustable shelves (4” W x 12” L) – “patent pending”
• Center and outer edge Velcro straps provide extra “grip” to secure on canopy pole
• Size: 18” W x 18” L x 14”H
• 1 Year Warranty

The Canopy Cooler comes in numerous colors including red, black, blue, purple, orange, green, gold and yellow. No matter what team you support, more than likely one of those colors will show your team spirit and which team you are rooting for.

After testing out the Canopy Cooler numerous times both at a music festival and at two San Diego Chargers tailgate parties, we are going to deem the Canopy Cooler “Tailgate Approved”. The features and the benefits make it already tailgate approved by the affordability makes it a home run. Priced at $59.95 the Canopy Cooler is right on the money when it comes to price and value.

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