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Tailgating Product Review – GoGalley

Earlier this month we published our Margaritaville Tailgating Grill Eulogy. In it, we said farewell to a tailgating workhorse that not only got the job done but allowed you to look cool while doing it. It was in that piece where we realized it might be a long time coming before another piece of tailgating equipment will come along to supplant its durability, flexibility and functionality. Well, we didn’t have to wait that long because we recently discovered the GoGalley.

GoGalley Outdoor Kitchen

As you can see from the above photo, the GoGalley is a complete outdoor kitchen that includes a huge propane grill in the middle and is flanked by a smoker/oven on the right and a deep fryer/steamer/burner on the left. On both sides, fold-up table spaces create prep areas for the chef and the left table includes a circular hole cut out to place and keep open a 13 gallon trash bag. You can tell a true tailgater who has been to the parking lot a few times came up with this idea and designed it. Take a look at all the features the GoGalley has to offer.

YouTube video

As you saw in the video, the GoGalley is extremely portable and is not a big bulky object you have to put in the bed of your truck. Simply place the tow hitch into your 2″ receiver, put in the hitch pin and then press a button. The battery powered winch then lifts the GoGalley up off the ground and to the rear of your vehicle. Cover it with the heavy duty outdoor cover that is included, and drive away. Once parked, lower the GoGalley off your vehicle, take out the hitch pin and roll the GoGalley on its Castor Wheels to anywhere you want it set up.

GoGalley Mobility

As with all of our product reviews, we had to see it and touch it in order to do a thorough and proper review. Luckily the manufacturer informed us that he had one in Orange County, Calif. and that the owner was willing to let us not only look at it but test it out. In full disclosure, we were not sent a sample of the GoGalley nor were we compensated in any way for this tailgating product review.

GoGalley Opened

Upon seeing and testing out the GoGalley, we can with all honesty say it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The heavy duty construction showed us this product was built to last and can withstand the rigors of tailgating and being transported on the road. The center grill can heat up to 750 degrees although most tailgating Grill Sargents would not want their grill that hot unless they were searing tuna steaks. We were very impressed at the effortless procedure of loading it onto the rear of a vehicle and also how well the entire unit rolled. It even rolls well on grass. And because it rides on the rear of your vehicle, we loved the space saving aspect in that not only are all your cooking supplies not taking up room in your vehicle, but you no longer need to bring tables either.

GoGalley Tow Hitch

Driving with the GoGalley on the car was hardly noticeable. It sat low enough that I could see out of the rear view mirror without blocking any of my sight lines. Also, if you brought a grill trailer, many tailgating parking lots will charge you for two spaces because you are towing a second item. Since the GoGalley never touches the ground during transit, you won’t have to pay double. Lots of tailgating parking lots don’t allowed towed vehicles and the GoGalley gets around that issue as well.

Specs of the GoGalley:

• Heavy-duty Steel Tubing Frame
• Porcelain and Aluminum Cover
• Cast Iron Grating
• Industrial-strength Castor Wheels for easy movement
• Rechargeable Battery / Powerful Winch
• Full size: 27″ deep x 136″ wide (with tables extended) x 36″ tall
• Storage Size: 48″ wide x 40″ deep
• Weight: 350 lbs

As we already stated, the GoGalley is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. The only downside we saw to the GoGalley was the size of the unit. Some may not have all that much space in their garage to store the GoGalley so the size of the entire unit, even when folded, could be an issue for some. The price might also scare some people away. The lowest price we have seen on the GoGalley is around $2,500.00 and that might scare off some people. But for those tailgaters that truly want it all in a complete and convenient package, I would highly recommend the GoGalley.

We thought so highly of the goGalley after seeing it and testing it for ourselves that we have chosen to offer it for sale in our online tailgating gear store. The GoGalley is available for $2,500 plus $350 shipping and you can purchase your own HERE.