Cooler Cannon Kickstarter

It seems as though we have been doing a lot of these Kickstarter campaign announcements for companies that can service the tailgating market. Yet again, here is another one that could use some crowd source funding that would be really cool to see in a tailgating parking lot soon.

I was first introduced to the Cooler Cannon a few years ago while out in Las Vegas for the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show. (At the time it was not called the Cooler Cannon but rather called the Shoot a Brew.) Simply stated it was a cooler that would launch a canned beverage out of the top into your hands to catch it. No more getting up and walking over, bending over and getting a beer out. Just hit the remote button and one will come flying your way.

Cooler Cannon is looking for $275,000 to get everything started. Of course, their Kickstarter campaign is underway to help them get funding to bring this product to market. If you want to help out and also get some pretty cool benefits of being a donor, click HERE. If you pledge $200 or more you can get your very own Cooler Cannon for free once it goes to manufacturing and they have coolers to sell.