Take $30 Off Cruzin Coolers Through September 30th

Cruzin Cooler 500 Watt Electric Motorized CoolerEveryone loves a great deal. When it is a great deal on tailgating gear it is even better.

If you have even seen one of those motorized beer coolers zipping around the tailgate lot and thought you wanted one, now is the time to get one. Not only is your timing perfect because football season is about to start but you can also get $30 off your purchase from Compact Appliance by using coupon code: 30CRUZINSEPT.

This a fully-functioning insulated motorized cooler that can hold twenty-four (24) 12 oz cans and eight pounds of ice. It will also scoot you around the tailgating area with a top speed of 13 MPH. The Cruzin Cooler 500 Watt Electric Motorized Cooler has an electric motor with an operating range of 15 miles. You can recharge the motorized cooler after each use. Also this motorized beer cooler safely supports a rider up to 250 pounds, although it has been tested to hold up to 540 pounds.A word of warning. Be careful when you ride these and remember, Don’t Drink & Drive – Even on a Beer Cooler

Now with a $30 off coupon (30CRUZINSEPT) valid through the end of the month of September 2009, there is no excuse to be without one. Go to Compact Appliance to get your own.